An Update to Audio Analysis

Earlier this year, ACX launched the Audio Analysis tool for Production Manager, a new feature that allows Producers and DIY Authors to upload audio files and receive immediate feedback in a report identifying seven of the most common production issues—all before submitting the project to Quality Assurance.

We hope you’ve been exploring the new feature and are finding it to be a helpful tool in your production process. Now that you’ve had a little time to get comfortable with Audio Analysis, we’re making an adjustment to the ACX submission process: starting today, some accounts will see the new experience, and by May 4, all titles will be required to resolve any issues identified by Audio Analysis before they are able to submit for review.

Need help making corrections? The Audio Analysis tool provides a full report on all your audio files, with details on the issues that need addressing, and links to specific ACX Submission Guidelines and Reference Guides that can help you address them. And as always, if you need more guidance or assistance in getting your files QA-ready, the ACX blog and YouTube channel are at your disposal with further resources on recording, editing, mastering, and more.

6 responses to “An Update to Audio Analysis

  1. I absolutely love the audio analysis tool. This is just what was needed. No more waiting for the ax to fall: with this tool, it falls immediately, and corrections can easily be made before proceeding on to the next chapter. Super!

  2. I submitted a book for review following the guidelines set out and still haven’t heard… you have changed the review process to 60 days which seems pretty steep. I was surprised to get a post from you that did not address this and am even more surprised to get a post on May 19th that refers to changes to be made on May 4th.
    Maybe you could be more transparent about the issues you are facing?

  3. Lorana Hoopes

    Audio Analysis seemed like it would be great, but it didn’t catch the sounds at the beginning or end I just got flagged for in a book. Since ACX takes so long to audio review now, they really should make this analysis tool better.

  4. Hello,
    Is the a downloadable plugin? I currently use ACX check plugin before exporting my mp3’s.

  5. Lyndsay Stuart

    This new tool glitches EVERY time I upload a file. Every time. Every file. I load the file, get an error, refresh the page which navigates me to the audition page for no good reason, I go back to the uploader page and all is fine. Every time.

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