Feedback Without Distortion: Audio Analysis is Here

Today, the ACX team is excited to announce the launch of a new feature available in Production Manager: it can analyze all your audio files, let you know if they meet ACX Standards, and give you a precise report on the changes that need to be made, all before you ever submit your project to QA—it’s the Audio Analysis Tool!

This feature will be accessible to producers and DIY authors on all new ACX projects. Now when you upload audio to ACX—starting with the 15-minute checkpoint—you’ll get an immediate report on seven common audio issues:

RMSSample Rate
Peak LevelsMixed Channels
BitrateDuplicate Files
Bitrate Method

That means no more waiting for the book to go through QA to learn you have one file in stereo and having to resubmit the whole project over again. Now you can find out right away and quickly make the required adjustments. The report contains precise indications on what needs to be adjusted and by how much, with links to helpful resources on how to do it. Don’t worry—all ACX audiobooks will get a final listen from our QA team before going on sale, and they’ll be on the lookout for spacing, noise floor, and other issues that can’t be detected by the tool—only now the process will be able to move a little easier, with smoother production timelines for all.

To give you some time to get used to this new feature, we’re accepting all audiobook submissions, even if Audio Analysis identifies errors within your files. When the feature launches fully, any issues detected by Audio Analysis will need to be corrected before the project can be submitted for Quality Assurance. This initial phase will give you time to identify recurring issues in your productions and make the necessary adjustments to your workflow without impacting your ability to submit audio and receive QA feedback.

We’re excited for this feature and we hope you are, too—we hope the earlier feedback and additional insights will help you improve you skills and setup, and result in a smoother production experience for all. And as always, if you have any questions about the feature, the answers can be found in our Help Center.

4 responses to “Feedback Without Distortion: Audio Analysis is Here

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  2. Thanks, Emily, but I can’t find or figure out how to download the Audio Analysis Tool. I have been using ACX Check after recording and mastering every audio file. Downloading ACX Check was a cinch. I have tried and searched and can find no clue how to get the Audio Analysis Tool on my DAW.

  3. Kate Elliott

    Thank you so much! I am narrating my first audiobook and I was nearly tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my version 2.3.3 Audacity does not have the “ACX Check” which lead me down a 3 hour rabbit hole trying to get it (or something similar to it). Does this new Audio Analysis Tool do the same thing? And, do I find this directly on the ACX site where I will submit my chapters? Finally, am I able to “test” a chapter to see how this tool works without full completion of the book? Thanks again!

  4. The Audio Analysis tool is a wonderful idea! I’m glad that you are implementing it. There’s only one feature about it that I wish had been included: that it would actually tell you what the RMS/Peak Levels/etc and everything were even if there WASN’T an issue with the audio file. The tool that I use to double-check my levels in my DAW can only analyze limited portions at a time, and it would have wonderful to have another tool that could confirm if the numbers I get are correct across the whole file.

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