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Marketing Your Title To ACX Producers

Authors, rights holders, let’s talk. You joined ACX and posted your title for two reasons: to have a great sounding, professional, retail-ready audiobook made and to earn royalties from sales of that audiobook. So what’s the first step towards creating a top notch audiobook with high sales potential? Using a great narrator/producer of course! Lucky for you, ACX has thousands ready to perform. Today, we’ll share some tips on how to attract auditions from the best of them.

Start with your title profile. Your title profile is a free advertisement you can use to make your title as attractive as possible to potential producers. After claiming your title on ACX, you have the opportunity to supplement the description from your Amazon detail page with more information about the book, the type of read you’re looking for from your narrator, and any information you have on your marketing plans, fan-base, or social media following. Let’s take a look at a strong title profile for a book posted to ACX:

(Click on the image below to expand)

Demon Kissed Profile 02

The rights holder of this title shares the important details first, including sales, reviews, social media reach and specific ad campaigns for this title. Narrators are attracted to titles with good sales potential, as well as rights holders who are actively promoting their work. Remember, producers working on titles though our royalty share program are equally invested in the sales and earnings of the titles they select. Even if you or your titles don’t already have the same reach as this example, producers will still be attracted by a well thought-out marketing plan, as well as an invested rights holder.

Share details about the story. In the second paragraph of our example, the rights holder shares details about the story itself, which lets the producer understand what style narration this title needs. This extra attention to detail shows potential producers that you are knowledgeable and passionate about your work and helps deliver the right voice to each audition. Better auditions that meet your criteria cut down on the time you spend listening to auditions that aren’t right.

That’s it! Provide clear information about your past and future sales plans, as well as details about the story, and you’re on your way to attracting good producers to audition for your title.

Producers and narrators, what do you look for in a good title profile? Tell us below.