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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Samples (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Today we bring you tips and info on the audio samples you upload to your producer profile on ACX. Your samples are the backbone of your ACX profile, so devoting some attention to this is a good idea.

With that in mind, here are the important things to know about your samples on ACX:

1. If you don’t have at least one sample uploaded to your profile, you are not searchable on ACX.

  • Sure, you’re able to search for great titles on ACX and submit auditions for them without including a sample[s] in your profile. But what about the other side of the equation – all those rights holders using our narrator search to find the right voice for their book? Without a sample, you’re invisible, and potentially missing out on booking that next great project. 40% of projects on ACX are booked without an audition, which means without a sample, you’re cutting your chances to produce that next great title almost in half.

2.  Your sample should be audiobook-specific.

  • ACX rights holders are here for one reason – to get their books made in audio. Those radio spots you did for Shea Cocoa Butter are nice and all, but they don’t shed much light on what kind of audiobook producer you’ll be. Skip ‘em. If you haven’t yet produced a full audiobook, or you want to post a sample that represents a different vocal style, it is ok to use a small portion of a book from your shelf.  (In the rare case that the book’s rights holder notices and contacts us, we reserve the right to remove the sample.)

3.  Get right into the material.

  •  Don’t slate it much, if at all. The rights holder will be able to see your name, credits and awards as you’ve listed them in the text portion of your profile. If your sample opens with 30 seconds of slating, the rights holder may not listen long enough to get to your actual narration.

4.  Note what the sample represents in the “performance notes.”

  • We provide an area for you to add a description next to each sample you upload. You can use this space to showcase aspects of the performance, explain where it was recorded, on what equipment, etc. You should also be sure to mention whether the sample represents your current and final production abilities. At least one sample on your profile should be indicative of the current final audio quality a rights holder can expect to receive from you.

5.  Don’t include music or sound effects.

  • We strongly advise against using music and/or sound effects in your ACX production. Our listeners often find these more distracting than enhancing, and rights and clearances can get very tricky when it comes to music. Your production won’t have these elements, so your sample shouldn’t either.

6.  Upload as many relevant samples as you’d like.

  • ACX does not limit the amount of samples your profile can include. As long as they adhere to the other guidelines listed above, feel free to upload multiple samples that showcase your varied vocal talents.

The above covers what you need to know when it comes to samples. If you need some more basic info on home studios and the art of recording, editing, and mastering audiobooks, check out our Video Lessons and Resources page, as well as our Submission Requirements. And be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!