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This Week in Links: October 10 – 14

For Rights Holders:

Time Management Tips for Busy Authorpreneurs – via BookWorks -“You know what  you’re supposed to do—write your book, start a blog and website, and turn to social media to help you market everything you’ve created. But where do you start?”

How to Market Books From the Customer’s Perspective – via BookBusiness – Find out why focusing on content instead of product may help your marketing efforts.

Writers Need These 10 Resolutions For The New Year — In October – via BookMarketingBuzzBlog – Get a jump start on improving your career with these promises.

How to Create An Author Brand – Case Study – with Jessica Bell – via Alli – Learn how one writer tackled the complex issue by “branding the author rather than the books.”

For Producers:

Stars of the Spoken Word: Meet the Audiobook Narrators Who Are Quietly Saving Book Publishing – via Salon – “A group of artistically minded actors have made audiobooks one of the publishing world’s rare success stories ”

9 Mantra to Sell Yourself Better as Voice Over Actor – via Voice Over Herald – Calm your soul, and further your career with these tips for success.

6 Reasons People Trust a Female Voice Over Male Voices – via Debbie Grattan – Could it be true that women have more “trustworthy” voices? And how much does Trustworthiness matter?

How Does a Word Get Into the Dictionary? [INFOGRAPHIC] – via Writer’s Digest – Get a cheeky peek at how new words gain official entry into the English language.

This Week In Links – August 5 – 9

We’ve gathered our favorite news, tips, and stories for authors and actors from around the world wide audiobook web . Enjoy some constructive weekend reading, and share your favorite articles from this week in the comments.

For Producers:

Shadows & Silk – open for audition now on ACX! – Femlae VO needed for this romance title. Pays $200 – $400 PFH or a royalty share + $100 PFH stipend

The Pixar Perspective on Voice Acting – via The Pixar Times – An in-depth look at how one of the best animation studios around approaches voice acting.

Are You Disrespecting The Booth? – via Voice Over Garden – A video lesson in proper recording booth etiquette from Jonathan Tilly.

10 Valuable Distractions – via J. Christopher Dunn’s Voice-over Blog – You can’t spend all your time narrating. J. Christopher tells us how to maximize the rest of your time.

For Rights Holders:

Audiobook Have Become Cool – via The Atlantic Wire – The growing popularity of audiobooks benefits authors, actors, and listeners.

Hell Is Self-Promotion – via Salon – Not everyone enjoys it, but every needs to do it. Seth Beaudoin gives a humorous take on the realities of self-promotion.

How A Great Twitter Bio Can Net You More Followers…and Sales! – via BadRedhead Media – Basic and advanced tips on optimizing your Twitter account.

Learning to Drop the Donkey–Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career? – via Kristen Lamb’s Blog – “We can’t please everyone, and it is easy to fall into a people-pleasing trap that will steal our passion, our art, and our very identity.”

See you next week!