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Brick Shop Audiobooks is the latest studio to find success via ACX

Brick Shop Audiobooks has completed over 40 titles through ACX, with another 30 in various stages of production. That’s quite a haul for a studio that just hit its 1 year anniversary. How did Brick Shop become such an ACX powerhouse?

It all started with a whisper room and a dream.

Well, not really.

Engineer Chris Lee and engineer/narrator Rob Granniss met while working in the audiobook industry. Over the years, both of them had developed a keen understanding of and appreciation for the process of  audiobook production. In October of 2011, a friend introduced Rob to the ACX website. Having just established their audiobook production company, Brick Shop Audiobooks, on a whim Rob decided to upload a few auditions to ACX. “When we landed our first audiobook production deal on ACX we couldn’t have imagined how Brick Shop would grow,” recalls Chris. “We had jerry-rigged a home studio in my Brooklyn apartment. We were using a garden hose as a shock mount and had to limit our recording to nights and weekends due to industrial interruptions from the copper pipe distribution yard next door. ”

“After the completion of our first successful audiobook, “Written in Blood” by Diane Fanning, we were hooked,” says Rob. “We really liked being involved in the production of a title from audition to release. There is a real sense of pride and enjoyment in seeing a project to completion. The ACX platform has been key. It offers a variety of opportunities to keep our diverse pool of talent working and our production volume increasing,”

Since October of 2011, the Brick Shop stable of narrators has grown to over 20 talented performers, including Erin Mallon, Tim Gerard Reynolds, & James Jenner. The production outfit has completed over forty productions on ACX and has several dozen currently in progress. In July of 2012, Brick Shop Audiobooks moved into its new facility, in the Industry City complex in Brooklyn, and has added additional sound booths to accommodate the expanding workload. They have also replaced the garden hose.

“We look forward to another successful year of growth and collaboration with ACX!”, says Chris.