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Do You Have the ACX Seal of Approval?

ACX is a great place to find talented audiobook producers, narrators and engineers. Whether they brought years of experience or educated themselves using our Video Lessons and Resources, if they’re on ACX, they can be counted on to produce great sounding, professional, retail-ready audiobooks.  But what about the crème de la crème of ACX? We call these extra-dependable, knowledgeable members Audible Approved Producers.

How do I qualify, and how do I apply?

Anyone can apply to be Audible Approved, but as a general rule,  Audible Approved Producers should have a verifiable record of achievement in the audiobook industry. This means that you’ve narrated and/or produced 25 audiobooks currently on Audible.com, have favorable reviews of your productions, and have a strong producer profile on ACX. If you think you’re one of the best audiobook producers in the business, you can email us at support@acx.com and ask to be considered as an Audible Approved Producer.

What do I get?

If you’re accepted as Audible Approved, a badge will appear in your profile, as in the example below:

(Click on picture to expand)

Sullivan AA_Blog

That gives you our seal of approval; the thumbs-up from Audible.com shows authors and Rights Holders that you’re experienced and trusted, and it can encourage them to choose you for their project!

What qualities make you worthy of the Audible Approved program? Tell us in the comments!

Spend Your Weekend Auditioning For These Awesome Titles!

Calling All Producers! We’re back with new titles that are open for audition right now on ACX. These projects either share royalties with rights holders and include our $100 per-finished-hour stipend offer* or are offered on a “pay for production” (P4P) basis. Take a look at this week’s new opportunities, and if you think one is right for you we encourage you to submit an audition! All titles listed here are accepting auditions at the time of writing – but act
fast, as they could be cast at any time.

Please ensure that you are logged into ACX with your producer account to view each title.

For Male or Female Voices
For Female Voices
Air (The Akasha Series)
by Terra Harmony
Family Thang (Volume 1)
by James E. Henderson
For Male Voices
by Kealan Patrick Burke

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*For more information on how the stipend program works, click here: