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Creating Your Custom Audible 30-Day Free Trial Link

Few words are more enticing than “free.” Today, you’ll learn how you can create custom landing pages on Audible for your ACX audiobooks. These links can be used on social media, on your website, and in your email newsletters to entice listeners to purchase your book as part of a free Audible trial that could earn you a  Bounty Payment for every new Audible member who signs up. It’s just five easy steps:

1) Visit your title’s product page on Audible.com, making sure that you are not signed into the site.

2) Find the URL at the top of the page and copy the Audible ASIN, which is the series of numbers and letters (but not the “?”) displayed after your book’s title, but before the “ref” tag.

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3) Next, open a new browser tab. In the URL bar at the top, enter the following text (making sure to keep the word “asin” in lowercase letters): https://www.audible.com/t2/title?asin=

4) Add the ASIN you found in step 2 to the end of the URL and hit “Enter.” Your link should end up looking something like this: https://www.audible.com/t2/title?asin=B0741Q23GJ

5) A custom free trial page with your title and cover art is generated!

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6) With your custom URL, your audiobook will be preloaded into the new Audible member’s cart when he or she signs up:

7) Copy this complete URL, and add it to your website, social media, or news blasts to your fans.

Not only is the Audible 30-Day Free Trial link a great way to invite fans to the joys of listening to your work, it introduces them to medium of audiobooks — great news for your future audio sales. And remember, you earn royalties for every new Audible member who buys your book first using your bounty referral link. Read the full details and terms surrounding the Bounty Program here.

Have you found a great way to promote your titles and generate Bounty payments? Tell us in the comments.