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  1. I definitely want to follow this blog. No I am not usually a woman of few words, ha!

  2. I’d like to follow this blog. I’d also like to know what kids of genre the audiobooks cover.

  3. ACX covers almost any genre, except obscenity or nudity in the graphics on the cover. They seem like a very good company and the royalties are reasonable. This is an company.

  4. I just want to wish all the talented people at ACX, and to all the talented authors and narrators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  5. In the Zone of completed project with the big question every unknown
    writer has “NOW WHAT:

    • Robbin Y Bigham

      Hi I am a beginner narrator. Would love to collaborate with you on your NOW WHAT

      • Michelle Woods

        Anyone interested in sci fi narrating?

        On Jan 30, 2017 8:53 AM, “Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)” wrote:

        > Robbin Y Bigham commented: “Hi I am a beginner narrator. Would love to > collaborate with you on your NOW WHAT” >

      • Hi Robbin, Have a book out on Amazon called “Women Of Circumstance.”
        Had a someone doing it on ACX, but she dropped the ball. If interested call me , I talk better then I type, 253 228 4544

  6. I can do more than just read. I can talk too O.o

  7. Please E-mail the Auditions, Thank you!!!

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  9. Hello,
    I am not quite sure what it is you can do for me with my already produced Novel, now in Audio, If you have some kind of promotion plan I might be interested, as my second Novel is now being produced and will be out in about 30 days.
    Thanks for any assistance,
    Ron Lemco

  10. So excited to see PULSE qualify for a stipend for the producers and to have the book moving towards its audio edition! Thanks, ACX for making it such an easy process for authors!

  11. William Charles Willis

    Hi there. Am trying to figure out why a 14 minute mp3voice file was rejected although larger files have been already uploaded.

  12. Colin Fluxman

    Rights holders/authors – PLEASE make sure your work is narratable, and edited accordingly! I have encountered so many books that refer to photos, graphics, diagrams, illustrations etc, which the listener, obviously, can’t see!

  13. I am just beginning. I have three books, the last just being edited. I want to narrate two of them, especially since I have written some poetry to catch moods in the stories. I have a Mac Pro computer running Macos 10 El Capitan, and am not sure what fits with that machine. Thek USB seems the way to connect and then there would have to be an “icicle” to transition to the best microphone that was built for a Windows machine. Right? I am watching all the videos and trying to learn. All ideas will be considered. Thanks!

  14. I’ve just released my first Audiobook, Access Denied, via ACX/Amazon. Already has a 5-star review! Check it out –

  15. Looking forward to giving this “new” venture a try! Performance jitters are part of my life lol… Former musician (voice & cello), drama participant, prison guard, parole officer, customer service rep., & school bus driver! A glutton for punishment it seems!
    Now I’m retired & have always wanted to do voice overs. Apparently, per friends & strangers, my vocal “talents” are amazing lol.
    Thought it was normal that when you read books, poetry, or sang ditties you had to “give them life” by acting all the parts! Yes, I can also sing like the Lullaby League from the Wizard of Oz movie. My mom is “soooo proud!”

  16. Interested in becoming a narrator

  17. I want to wish all the talented people at ACX, and to all the talented authors and narrators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  18. Thank you so much for the mountain of information you give on everything! It’s made the daunting task of getting into VO, specifically narration, very easy. Well, easier and with direction I should say 😀

    Happy New Year!

  19. I have 12 titles in ACX., and I’m very happy with the wonderful help I’ve received. The narrators for my stories are very talented, and easy to get along with. There’s something about simply listening to a story that sparks my imagination even stronger. I’d recommend them at 5stars all the way.
    Hank LeGrand

  20. Interested in finding narrator for sci fi trilogy

  21. Martina Mathisen

    Brand new, just got turned on to site…

  22. Michael Scott

    I too am new to the site, and passionate about becoming a narrator and bringing the written work to life if audio format. Feel free to reach out or review my sample on ACX. Douglas Adams was an all time favorite of mine as an author!!!

  23. As a narrator I definitely would like to follow this blog and some hints as to how I can market my audiobooks.

  24. Hi I’m just trying to find out how to create that link to download my audiobook for free for customers who don’t have an audible account. I was directed to this page. Can you tell me how?


  25. Thank you

  26. Looking forward to following ACX blog posts. Thanks.

  27. William Anthony

    Hello everyone!! I love working on narration, started last year and have done 4 books, working on number 5! I would like to have 10 by the end of the year. Next year… 25 more sounds good to me. I love reading the posts, keep up the dialogue! 🙂

  28. I wish to learn more about promoting my preschool books . I would also like to know whether or not they would be a good candidate for audiobooks I believe they would be . Though I’m sure everyone feels that way about their book .

  29. Yes please. I need help and advice to advertise my audiobook!

  30. pls i need help to publish my audiobook

  31. Hi. I’m new in the ACX realm:) Tombstone Ghost Cowboy is my fourth book, the first in a new series. My three other books are a vampire series. TGC is a time travel, western/historical romance. It’s full of twists and adventures. The story starts at the Historical Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ. I’m searching for a narrator. If your interested please contact me.

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  33. Thank you your blog is just great!🎬🎃🎄💖

    • I recently completed narrator of three new audiobooks and I’m currently auditioning to narrate a new audiobook as narrator! Thank you for the opportunity to be narrator .

      • Looking for a narrator for sci fi trilogy the evolved books. 3rd book is currently being edited.

  34. Robbin Y Bigham

    Please allow me to submit an audition. Let me know of your requirements as far as voice, gender etc.

  35. Thank you for creating this blog to share all of the advice and suggestions of the audio world. I hope you know how appreciated you are, ACX. 🙂

  36. Tyshondra Barnes

    Good Afternoon, My name is Tyshondra Barnes l am independent writer, who just publish 3 books on amazon com. I would like to also turn books into auto books where l can increase sells furthermore turn my books into
    story tellers l love writing l am new upcoming writer and l want to be able to share my books all over the world with people .My number is 773 993 8329 my email is

  37. Latisha Louise Robinson

    New narrator looking for tips.. I have a few issues with uploading. Is there anyone out that can help besides getting a email on following instructions. I work best with watching a step by step youtube.. Please help me! I want my first one perfect..
    Needing help with uploading first 15 minutes
    Step by step making sure I am on the correct setting in order to download audio.
    Thanks in advance

  38. Notify me please of new lessons

  39. I would like to have my novel the FAMILY MAN BY O.MATT on amazon paperback and also online. what are the step by step guides to follow?

    • I dont thing I could help you. I never published a book. I just took a crash course in audiobooks. Maybe u can speak to someone acx help services.
      They help help me with my audio book.
      Good luck.

  40. CARLINA, thanks for your reply I contacted amazon audiobook program on the issue and I informed that this program is not available in the tiny tourist

  41. I’ve written 4 books and self published on amazon. Now one of my books is currently being turned into Audio, Just curious as to whether Audio verses print and E-book. Is Audio the trend most people tend to go for these days with Cell phones ect ?

  42. Hey everyone, I am new to this platform. I am currently talking with a Frank to do my audio book production. If Frank is unable to help, I will be asking people on this platform for that help.

    Thank you ACX/Amazon for providing this service, it’s a life saver to an extent.

  43. I really want to follow this blog

  44. Looking forward to these updates. Excited to find out ways to promote my audiobook titles. Thank you!

  45. I need beginners luck 🍀 I am a mother of 5 and I have always wanted to do voice overs. Now that the kids are older and school age, I am ready for a new career.

  46. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the acx blog community. As a beginner narrator, I would like to communicate & meet with acx bloggers in the Washington, DC area. Is there a list of narrators, producers and voice coaches in my area?…..HELP!

    (202) 531-4589

  47. I am new hear, but I think it is good to be hear.

  48. You talk about. Cross-marketing and selling to fans but if I don’t any fans/friends. I wrote a book on my maternity leave and I literally have to start from sub-zero.

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  50. I’d been looking for a way to make an audiobook for several years to accommodate my vision impaired step daughter. ACX was a miracle. My wife & I listened to sample narrators, women, men, and combinations of a man & a woman, & went with Michael Brusasco. It all went smoothly & the first copy was just sold in England. The Con Case by Marc Hirsch.

  51. Paula A Sanford

    I am very interested in following this blog.

  52. I look forward to get the updated information from this blog

  53. Abigail Ekhaguere lkhuenbor

    Acx l will give reading a try using your Platform.

  54. Regina Monique Wright

    I am looking forward towards becoming a narrator for Audible .

  55. I moved to Kansas 6 years ago from London and have set up my home studio, undertaken acting classes, audio book classes, voice over classes for commercials and have taken a number of audition classes. I now feel ready to start to audition for some real work!

  56. I’m a newbie. My son sent me the info so, hmmmm. Maybe just maybe I’ll finally be discovered for the real ridiculously ridiculous person I am

  57. I am curious to know more about chapter headings. I didn’t call each “Chapter 1” etc., I gave them titles like “Keep on Trucking.” Must I include numerical names, also? I also start each chapter with 5-10 seconds of music and then state the chapter heading. Is that okay?


    Please add me to follow- thanks!

  59. Working on my first project through ACX now!

  60. I’d love to follow this blog

  61. I would like to know how many steps they use with Audacity, when they finish recording. I do noise reduction, equalization and finally compression. Thank you.

  62. Hi, here is my question:
    What means this status “Preparing audiobook for Amazon, Audible and iTunes”, and How long it will take for the audiobook to be ready for sale?

  63. Interested in ACX

  64. Toccara Calloway

    I would like to follow the blog

  65. Noob. Seeking cosy murder mysteries, children’s books, young adult dramas to narrate.

  66. Setting out to record my HOLLYWOOD NOIR TRILOGY. Over a thousand pages. I want to do it right.

  67. Looking to network with other ACX professionals.

  68. Just finished my audio book narration of “Efenians- The Book of Life; The Seven Noble Truths” and loved the process. The narrator was a true professional and did an amazing job. I strongly recommend this service!

  69. Would love to do audition

  70. Thank you looking for allowing me to follow this group.

  71. Linda Metcalf

    If you’re interested in hearing an historical account of how black lives matter, check out my new audio book! Julia: Mistress of Longwood
    You will love the narrator, Gina Dobbs! Audio sample available.

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