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New enhancements to ACX

Hey, Producers!

We’re told by rights holders that tons of great auditions have been made for their titles, and that many Offers are being made. In fact, the first finished audiobooks are already rolling in (and they sound great)! And we expect activity on ACX to increase dramatically after the holiday weekend, especially now that rights holders are back from Book Expo America.

Also, we listen to your feedback! Here are a few features we added and updated this week, based on your response:

1) Auditions: You can now upload multiple auditions – perfect for studios who represent multiple narrators – and you can delete those that you previously updated if you want to submit a better one or remove yourself from the running.

2) Alerts if you *didn’t* win a project: We heard from a number of producers who have auditioned but weren’t sure how long they’d need to wait before hearing back with feedback or an Offer. There have been many Offers made on ACX already, but still we want to be more transparent about the audition process. So now you will get an automatic message sent to your ACX Message Box (that will also be sent to your email address if you are opted in to our emails) whenever you audition for a project but are not selected. This allows you to focus on other titles listed on ACX.

3) Search enhancement: We have heard that users don’t want to lose the search criteria they do for titles or producers each time they hit the “back” button. No longer! Hitting the back button will now retain your last place in search. It’s a small change, but should help you immensely when navigating through the many titles on ACX. Try it out. In the future, we plan to enhance ACX’s search functionality much further with large-scale changes.

So, yes… we are listening to you. ACX strives to continually evolve; there is much more to come. Please continue to contact us if you have any ideas.

By the way, Producers, have you checked out ACX’s Video Lessons and Resources page?