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Speed Up Your Audiobook Production with Direct Offer

Good news, everyone! Today, we’re introducing a faster, easier way to publish your audiobooks on ACX. With the new Direct Offer feature, authors and publishers can now choose to work directly with their favorite Producers and narrators without opening their titles to accept auditions. We’ve heard from many Rights Holders that they’ve found “the one” —that perfect voice—either through past projects or by browsing samples on the ACX site, and would like to move their audiobook projects directly into production, and today’s changes are meant to help make that even easier.

To make a Direct Offer to a Producer, navigate to your title from your Project Dashboard, or add a new project to your account. As you set up your title, you’ll have the option to accept auditions for your project or make a Direct Offer to the Producer of your choice. Selecting the option to make a Direct Offer will allow you to select your Producer by searching for his or her name, or selecting from a list of Producers that you’ve collaborated with in the past. You’ll then be able to make an offer directly to your Producer of choice and start collaborating as soon as your offer is accepted.

Want tips for selecting that perfect voice? The ACX Blog has you covered. What other features would you like to see added to ACX? Comment with your suggestions below.

ACX Monthly Earnings Reports Are Now Online!

Have you seen what’s new? Your ACX monthly royalty and bounty payments reports are now available online! What’s that mean for you? Read on to get to the skinny on ACX’s newest feature.

Making A statement

eStatement04What’s New: ACX users now have the ability to view and download their Monthly Earnings Reports right from Reports for the upcoming month will usually be posted during the third full week of the month. How will you know when a new report is posted? We’ll email you with a head’s up!

What’s Cool:  New online Monthly Earnings Reports are a faster, easier, greener way to track your audiobook sales. Starting with November 2014 data, you can now search by date range. Download your reports as an Excel spreadsheet to sort the data to your heart’s content, or save as a PDF for easy offline access.

How to Make the Most of It: When logged in to your Producer or Rights Holder account, click “View Sales Dashboard.”


On the next page you’ll see the new “Earnings Reports” tab. Here, you’ll find access to all of your available Monthly Earnings Reports. Want to narrow the reports down to a specific month or range of months? No problem! Simply set the dates in the “Select Period From” boxes and click “Submit” to view those months.

Earnings Report


Click on a month to reveal your reports, and click on the appropriate icon to download your preferred format.

Earnings Report


It’s that easy! Note that we’ll still send you paper reports for the next few months, but expect a transition to digital-only reports in 2015.

With the combined power of the Sales Dashboard and Monthly Earnings Reports, tracking the impact of your promotional efforts have on your audiobook sales and bounties has never been easier!

Are you an obsessive sales tracker? Tell us about it below!


Search, Enhanced

You asked, we listened. Actors and authors using the ACX search may have noticed a new look and some new features this week. Here’s what’s new, what’s cool, and how to make the most of the enhanced ACX search.

What’s New: Multiselect Search Criteria


What’s Cool: Rights Holders and Producers can now choose multiple attributes when searching for their next voice or project.

For example, Producers have the ability to see all books needing a New York or Boston accent simultaneously. Rights Holders can find a flirtatious cowboy for their latest romantic comedy or search for a voice that’s both upbeat and authoritative.

How to Make the Most of It: Start clicking! When using either the Sample Search or the Title Search, make sure to select all of the criteria that fit your needs. Play around with different combinations until you find the voice or book of your dreams.

What’s New: Recommended Search

SE_04What’s Cool: Recommended Search means Producers are presented with audition-ready titles that better match their voice, which helps Rights Holders get auditions from the voices best suited for their books.

Producers, we now preset your default search criteria based on the attributes you enter into your profile. If you excel at business and self-help books, or prefer to work within a certain Per Finished Hour range, we’ll remember those details from your profile and set them as your default search. Less time searching means more time auditioning and producing!

Producers who prefer to voice more family friendly fare can also choose to exclude books in the Erotica & Sexuality category from their search results. This feature is “off” by default, so you’ll need to set the filter under the “Genre” section in your profile.

How to Make the Most of It: Make sure you’ve fully filled out your producer profile. Start by clicking on your name in the upper left corner of any page on ACX. On the next page, click “Edit Profile.”

Look for the following section on the “Describe Your Expertise” page. This is where you’ll set your preferences.


Finally, find the section pictured below on the ‘Choose Preferred payment” page.


Once you save your profile information, your search will default to showing you just the titles that fall in your wheelhouse (as long as you’re logged in). Of course, you can always uncheck those boxes to widen your search if you decide to see what else is available.

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of the enhanced search, head over to ACX and put these new features into practice. You’ll find discovering your next audiobook project or voice easier than ever!