ACX Education: For You, By You

Here on the ACX blog, we’re hard at work uncovering stories and advice to help you cast, narrate, produce, and market better audiobooks. But even with our powers combined, we know our creator community outnumbers us by the thousands and we bet your great ideas do, too! If there are skills you want to develop, questions you want answered, stories you want to hear, or any other audiobook-related content you think we should be covering, drop us a line in the comments below this article and tell us about it! We’ll do our best to deliver.

3 responses to “ACX Education: For You, By You

  1. It would be nice to be able to introduce music to narration.

  2. Having published a number of audiobooks over the past 6 months I am still finding that my biggest problem is finding places to advertise my books.
    If anybody can help/recommend any sites or tricks that I am missing then I would be very interested

  3. I would like to see a training video that covers how to deal with “mouth” noises. Something beyond the advice to ‘drink more water’.

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