ACX Education: For You, By You

Here on the ACX blog, we’re hard at work uncovering stories and advice to help you cast, narrate, produce, and market better audiobooks. But even with our powers combined, we know our creator community outnumbers us by the thousands and we bet your great ideas do, too! If there are skills you want to develop, questions you want answered, stories you want to hear, or any other audiobook-related content you think we should be covering, drop us a line in the comments below this article and tell us about it! We’ll do our best to deliver.

12 responses to “ACX Education: For You, By You

  1. It would be nice to be able to introduce music to narration.

  2. Hi, Emily… I have completed just a few books for ACX and have difficulty in encouraging myself to audition for more titles… the reason? The audition file is, on many occasions, not representative of the entire book. Unfortunately, too many books are poorly written and edited and could certainly be an embarrassment for, the narrator, and the author (who are rather clueless at times). Once a narrator has been offered a contract to narrate a book, many times such books cannot be started within the three-day time frame set by ACX to cement a contract into place, due to other press of business and so on. I have been an editor, writer and publisher for more than 40 years and wish there were a way to review an entire book before committing to a narration contract to ensure all parties will end up with a result all are proud to sell… just my thoughts, and thanks for this opportunity. All my best…

  3. Yes! With my eBook marketing, there are specific organizations, literally dozens such as BookBub, ENT, RobinReads, etc., that have large mailing lists or newsletters or websites that I can use to market new eBook publications. With Audible? Crickets. I can give away my audiobooks for free using promo codes (if I first identify on my own who might possibly want them). One service, Audiobook Boom gives out my information to readers who will then “review” the audiobook (for free, of course). But no specific advertising venues. How do we get the word out that we have a new Audiobook? And yes, I’ve used social media sources such as Facebook and my own personal blog. That isn’t effective or efficient. Help!

  4. Hi,Yes I do have one good idea. When you are finished editing and mastering your recording with your chosen DAW, the specific (effect, or limiter, or normalizer, ect…) used in the order used. AND with the specific settings used. I know there are like maybe 5 commonly used DAWS, so there shouldn’t be too much information to cover. But for instance, I use Audacity. I use a very, very light noise reducer, compresser (but a 1.62 specially downloaded), then a normalizer. Ok, but the specific settings used with each effect, or a range of settings specified to the producer would take a lot of the guesswork out of that stage of development. IMHO  Suzanne LeBlanc(520) 548-4656

  5. Having published a number of audiobooks over the past 6 months I am still finding that my biggest problem is finding places to advertise my books.
    If anybody can help/recommend any sites or tricks that I am missing then I would be very interested

  6. MY DEAR LADY, I was on the brink of publishing an audiobook but when I WAS READY TO MAKE A DEAL WITH A NARRATOR i WAS INFORMED THAT THE COUNTRY I LIVE WAS NOT IN THE PROGRAM.happy thursday. from o.matt indie author.

  7. I would like to see a training video that covers how to deal with “mouth” noises. Something beyond the advice to ‘drink more water’.

  8. Can I come to your studio and have my book recorded? That way I know it’s done right?

  9. Cloudlifter saved my career! Talk more about preamps and similar items.

  10. Has any ever used a Tascam recorder and then downloaded into computer to do the processing?

  11. (1) How to negotiate terms with Rights Holder once they have submitted an Offer. What if Narrator wants to reply with something like, “I accept, but please push back due date by two days” or something like that.
    (2) Can the Rights Holder see files I have already uploaded but for a project that is not yet ready for “I’m Done” button?

  12. I don’t understand that the author doesn’t hear a few chapters at a time. My memoir is 32 Chapters with 263 pages. The narrator is excellent. She had several names, and words were mispronounced because of nationality and areas. We worked well. I felt it is an injustice to wait and review at the end. If we had an earlier view of those mishap words wouldn’t have been repeated in other chapters. I think, you’re weak in getting feedback from your authors.

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