Earning with the ACX Bounty Referral Program

Today, ACX announced the new Bounty Referral Program, upping the payout to up to $75 for each new Audible member and providing advanced tracking on your ACX Sales Dashboard. You’ll receive new, trackable referral links, unique to you and each of your audiobooks, starting August 1.

Bounties for Royalty Share titles will be divided, with $50 going to the creator whose referral link enticed that new member, and $25 to their creative partner, whose performance or writing helped seal the deal. Bounties are subject to the ACX Bounty Program Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

That means you’ll want to leverage this URL each time you promote your ACX audiobooks, which we at the blog hope is all the time! To get you started on the path to marketing with your new referral links, we’ve got some tips that will help you get listeners excited about your audiobooks.

  1. Get organized. Set up a marketing calendar that allows you a holistic view of your marketing efforts across channels and over time. This will not only help you stay organized, it will allow you to understand which of your marketing tactics had the greatest impact. Speaking of which…
  2. Leverage data. We’ve enhanced your ACX Sales Dashboard to show pageviews generated by your use of your new Bounty referral links, as well as the Bounty payments you’ve racked up by driving new listeners to Audible. With this information, you can track your marketing methods and channels, learning which have earned the best results and repeating the most successful efforts (marketing shorthand for this is “test, measure, repeat”).
  3. Be authentic. Today’s consumers have long since learned to filter out “Buy! Buy! Buy!” messages. Your fans are your fans because they feel an emotional connection to you and your work. Find the aspects of the audiobook publishing and production process that light you up and highlight them to your fans. Insert “calls to action” (CTAs) strategically, and make sure to include your unique referral link when you do.
  4. Go social. Whatever your preferred social media platform—and this includes your blog—two things are likely true: it’s the most direct connection you have to your fans, and it is hungry for content. Use this to your advantage by mentioning your audiobooks early and often. Audiobook fans love getting a peek behind the curtain, and the audiobook creation process affords numerous opportunities to share. Get your social media followers and blog readers talking about your audiobook and keep them informed as you work though the publishing process, building excitement from casting to release day. Once the audiobook is released, celebrate the day by asking your fans to give your book a listen—via your Bounty tracking link. The goal here is to create a relationship between your fans and your work that compels them to purchase your audiobook and leave glowing reviews on Audible.
  5. Start spreading the news via your email newsletter. Find a reason for your fans to listen— a day at the beach, a long ride to see family for a holiday, even a free hour at home once the kids have been put to bed—and tell them why your audiobook is the perfect companion for those times. Ask your fans to listen to your titles on Audible and help them get there via your Bounty referral link.
  6. Boost your backlist. Take a look through your past audiobook marketing efforts and insert your new Bounty tracking link wherever you’ve linked off to Audible. This is also a great occasion to take a look at the books you’ve already produced and (re)introduce them to your fans. Share a memory about the production, or something that ties the audiobook to a current or upcoming event, and include your Bounty referral link so fans can hear it for themselves.
  7. Highlight the magic of audio. The performance behind the audiobook is what sets it apart from your paperback and eBook editions, so show it off! Audio clips, including your retail sample, are a great way to entice new listeners to the format. Consider a simple book trailer that leverages your audiobook’s narration or an Audible clip, and pair it with your referral links as you promote to make it easy to purchase after they’re blown away by your sample.
  8. Get inspired by your peers. Keep following the marketing section of this blog to get more ideas on how to leverage your referral links, and learn how fellow audiobook creators like Scott Sigler, Zhanna Hamilton, and Ryan Winfield have boosted their earnings via the ACX Bounty Program.

Your blueprint for earning for Bounty Referral payments is clear: focus on the aspects of your audiobooks that make them unique and exciting, communicate them authentically to your fans, and leverage your Bounty tracking link and enhanced sales dashboard to make the most of your efforts. Now, go forth and market!


20 responses to “Earning with the ACX Bounty Referral Program

  1. When will we have access to the new links for the Bounty Referral Program?

    • Hi LV,
      You’ll receive your new, trackable referral links starting August 1. You can find them on your Completed Projects tab or in your Sales Dashboard at that time.

      Cheers, SJ

  2. Does this mean the current way of obtaining bounties will no longer apply? and will bounties only count if they come from the issued URLs?

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  4. Ruth Sternglantz

    Just got our first bounty links, and it appears each book has a series of links, one for each of the Audible country sites. When I click on a different country’s site, the link does not redirect. This is a problem because I have customers for my ACX books all over the world, and it’s not practical for me to replace my .com links with four individual country links. Can you suggest a workaround?

  5. Am searching for the new links but just getting frustrated as they aren’t easily findable, even using the link supplied in the announcement from ACX, which just took me to my sales dashboard. Any advice? Thanks!

  6. Maria Jesus Aguilo

    Can you please
    1) make the properties sortable by release date in the bounty referral page?
    2) have the URL exported in the CVS when exporting the data?
    Otherwise, you make it extremely difficult for those of us who have more than 20 titles in ACX.

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  9. Is it possible to get a tracking method that actually tracks all click-throughs and shows sign ups (that haven’t yet become full members)? I have exposed my bounty link to thousands of my readers for over a week and my dashboard only says 3 page views, a) I’m not sure what that means and b) this is not in the least bit helpful…

  10. I was sent custom graphics in my email and i’m trying to get to them now and the links to them dont work anymore. anyway to get these??

  11. I am still so confused. Where do you get the links?

  12. I think the current bounty program ends in march 2019….. If I’m incorrect, can someone let me know?
    In any case, this will make it far more difficult to get any bounties… this is just what I needed more work!!… Audible has already decreased the percentage we get from sales, now a decrease in bounty money…yes, even though the bounty was raised to $75, I can nearly guarantee far less bounty money will be made… and Audible knows this…… they have the upper hand and they have to pay their mortgages, car payments, buy stuff for their kids too and, if they can get away with it, they will proceed to suck as much cash out of your pockets as possible.

  13. Sorry, I’m confused. When I look into the bounty program terms here on ACX I’m seeing two different things. So do you receive the bounty if your book is the first book the customer purchases in their membership? Or do they receive your book for free, and then if they continue on as a member and buy another audible book then you get the bounty?

  14. Hi, what if a reader purchases my book but doesn’t stay with Audible for 60 days? Do I still get paid for the book?

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