Introducing the Refreshed ACX Website

Pardon our dust! We’ve refreshed to enhance the look and feel of the site with changes meant to make audiobook creation even easier.

We are happy to provide to you a more intuitive audiobook creation experience, and although this launch will remain largely consistent with your current experience, there will be a few changes you notice such as:

  • The ability to easily organize your received auditions with the new “Favorites” tag.
  • Clearer production statuses and instructions for next steps within the creation workflow.
  • Visual improvements to the Sales Dashboard.

We believe these changes will improve and expedite your audiobook production experience on ACX. If you’ve got feedback on the refreshed ACX experience, contact, or leave us a note here in the comments. We can’t wait to hear what you do next!

9 responses to “Introducing the Refreshed ACX Website

  1. theglobalnomad1

    Please, please put an “offer pending” or better yet, “no auditions”
    on all titles!! Very time consuming and frustrating to have to open each interesting title and sometimes even go to the audition page only to find out a narrator has already been chosen or no auditions are being accepted!

  2. So far I am underwhelmed. It looks as though all that was done was
    1) somewhat arbitrary changes to the CSS, much of which (for instance the screwy aspect ratio with which cover art now displays) appears to have been handled clumsily, and with minimal – if any – beta or pre-flight testing, and
    2) marginally useful “enhancements” to the dashboard.

    The single most productive change ACX *could* have made, from the Producer side, would have been to 1) implement a batch uploader for finished audio, which would be a huge time-saver, and 2) to find the source of and fix the frequent glitches many users have reported in the messaging system. These continue to be the most glaring missed opportunities for improving the user interface for Producers.

    Also, restoring the old gifting policy, which allowed producers and rights-holders to use their download codes to gift specific titles for review would be really nice. That has nothing to do with the ACX site, but I thought I’d throw it in here as long as we’re talking.

  3. Nice job Hannah! Thanks, AHW


  4. I’m sure there have been folks working super hard to make this work but I have to be honest, the new ACX site is sadly not an improvement for the narrators.
    You’ve fixed the issue with the search function not resetting to page one when a new filter is added and you’ve added an unspecified hourly rate option. That’s good!


    The ‘projects’ tab is showing the number of new offers, not projects.
    The email system does not highlight new messages.
    The type font and book image thumbnails are harder to see as they are smaller.
    Sales figures often still refer to the paperback version instead of the kindle – there is often an extreme difference between the 2!

    why can’t I bookmark titles that I’m interested in?
    why can’t I search by sales?
    why cant I sort my search results by other metrics, like sales figures, or length of time on the site – “it even says sorted by relevance” but there’s no way to change that!!

    let us exclude titles that include key words (like summary!)
    let us block certain authors who spam the site with multiple 1 hour long help guides to using an amazon fire stick

    give us some sort of official forum or feed back to the website developers so we can craft this thing to suit our needs.

    let us work with you instead of fighting the website in order to do our job.


  5. The new site is cleaner and about the same to navigate. I have a problem in that I can’t get it to view as 1 page – have to use the bottom (L/R) scroll bar continuously.

  6. I appreciate the effort to make improvements. But, one obvious feature that has been removed that needs to return is simply marking read vs. unread messages. Thanks!



  8. Nice job! I love the new look. Well done!

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