Welcoming New Voices and Stories to ACX

ACX is excited to welcome new voices and stories onto our revolutionary audiobook creation platform. Starting today, Canadian and Irish Rights Holders and Producers can list their audio samples and audiobook projects for auditions in the ACX marketplace. To date, authors, publishers, studios, and narrators in the US and UK have produced over 80,000 audiobooks using ACX, and we can’t wait to hear what audiobooks you make next. We’d especially like to thank you for the opportunity to help create audiobooks around the world and support the creative community.

Are you looking for a Canadian or Irish voice? Listen to samples. Ready to show off your accents? Update your samples.

Visit ACX.com to get started!

12 responses to “Welcoming New Voices and Stories to ACX

  1. Reblogged this on Indie Lifer and commented:
    Happy news for Canadians who have been waiting so long to offer audio versions of their books.

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  3. David Gaughran

    This is great but I note that there are no Irish narrators/voice actors etc. listed on the site. Any plans to change that?

    • Try Estelle Bajou. I’ve engaged her for one of my Irish stories. She’s American, but she’s good at putting across the lingo(in my opinion anyway)

      Regards, Liam

  4. What about Australia???? I’m dying to make audio books!

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  9. Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    Like I said yesterday, ACX is looking for Canadian and Irish authors and narrators. I don’t have the technical know-how to set up a sound studio of my own – but I am REALLY eager to get some of my work out there available in audiobook format.

  10. I’m really excited about this new opportunity. I’ve got four projects already on the go and a lot more to follow. Thanks, ACX, for opening the door to Canadian authors!!!

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