Celebrating Five Years of Audiobook Creation

Way back in 2011, Audible launched ACX with a threefold vision: to help Rights Holders get their books into audio; to provide work for talented audiobook Producers; and to get more audiobooks into the ears of Audible’s listeners. Here in 2016, we’re thrilled to celebrate five fantastic years of fulfilling those promises made possible by you, the authors, actors, studios, and publishers that have created over 60,000 audiobooks through ACX.

Watch as ACX team members, past and present, take a trip down memory lane. Then head on over to ACX.com to see what we got ourselves for our birthday.

Share your favorite ACX stories in the comments below.

56 responses to “Celebrating Five Years of Audiobook Creation

  1. I have been blessed with some of the best narrators who were just putting their toes in the water back then…as was I being an Indie author. Coming from a radio background myself, I connected up with Bella Czar Productions Destiny Landon and Lee James….they provided dual narration, original music between chapters, and some fun sound effects for my first audiobook – Special Delivery – which then went on to be the #4 out of top 10 (and the only indie production) Stellar Reviewed Romances of the year 2012!

  2. So, hey, Scott. When is the next ACX University event?

  3. Now its time to update the Bsaic codes and add post apocalyptic etc

  4. Congratulations ACX!! I am a professional dating coach (think Will Smith’s character in “Hitch”), and many of my male followers do not like to sit down and actually READ a book … they would rather LISTEN!! Audiobooks have totally CHANGED MY LIFE and ENHANCED MY BUSINESS. I am so thankful to the great staff and customer service representatives at ACX. They have been tremendously helpful to me in helping me create my three existing audiobooks!! CONTINUED TO SUCCESS!!

  5. You guys are the greatest. I have said this from the beginning. You really go the extra mile and then some. Thank you!

  6. Great video! Happy birthday ACX!

  7. Haven’t done any of my books in audio, but I’ll be looking at doing Dragons of Wendal soon.

  8. Michael Burnette

    Happy 5 folks, and thanks for all you do!

  9. Hi just publish my book with ACX How To Treat A Lady by Clifton Durham. it’s a great website for authors and narrators to work together as a team happy birthday ACX

  10. Not sure how to respond. I’ve been with you for a while now. I have published 49 novels and sold well over 100,000 books and officially I am a six times Amazon best seller. Yet I’ve not heard from any actors at all. Just saying.

  11. Happy Birthday ACX! I was a new voice talent at about the same time ACX was ‘Born’ and feel like we have grown together. Here’s to many many more years together!

  12. I really learned a lot producing and narrating audio books through ACX. It has definitely honed my production skills and improved my narrations. I am always surprised when I get selected to voice an author’s work. Finishing the project gives me a sense of accomplishment and another book on my growing roster of titles. This was a great career move for me and look forward to doing more with ACX.

  13. William S McCaughey

    first book 2 years ago my book is doing better the last 2 months in 5 years every will now me as a writer hoping to do better then amazon big help thank you amazon

  14. Congrats and happy birthday, ACX! In the span of a year, I’ve grown from a newbie narrator to having Amazon peg one of my most recent productions as a “Hot New Release”. What a great ride! Thanks, and let’s keep going!

  15. In 2014 I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and that adventure has provided me with fuel for my work. (Google “hiker before and after” – you’ve probably seen my photos…)

    In addition to writing, I am also a storyteller, which means I love to talk as well! So glad I found ACX! I am very impressed by how straightforward the process was, and even more thrilled that adding an audio version of my book has practically DOUBLED my audience!

    I look forward to sharing many more stories!


  16. I’ve published many of my titles through ACX and I’ve been fortunate to have some wonderful narrators. I write both non-fiction and fiction. It’s been amazing to listen to my books in audio format, what an incredible experience. My favorite moment was driving down the road during the holidays and listening to one of my Christmas stories on the stereo so my whole family could hear! Thank you ACX for bringing narrators and authors together!

  17. My most “memorable” ACX experience occurred in 2013. I had been working as an ACX producer for nearly a year and was charging $275pfh. I was still a little raw but was getting my feet wet pretty fast (sorry for the multiple metaphors!). When the “That’s Voiceover” convention was announced and ACX put forth their contest, I immediately submitted. The lady who won the year before was a virtual “celebrity,” who touted huge advancements in her career upon winning the title. In fact, she was the guest speaker during the ACX portion of the convention. On the day they announced the 2013 winner, I have to admit I was very excited, since they had really made a big deal about the girl who won before and how much winning such a title benefited a person’s career. Sure enough, I WON! Long story short, I produced the “winning” project (for $210pfh, $65pfh less than I usually received), and that was it! Although they seemed very please with the final product, I never heard back from ACX, and needless to say, I wasn’t invited back the next year to be the “celebrity guest”! Haha. Oh well, sadly, that was my most “memorable experience.” But on a good note, I have really enjoyed working with so many great authors through ACX, and I’ve worked very hard to make a wonderful career of audiobook production. Other than the weirdness that occurred after the “That’s Voiceover” contest, I am very grateful that independent artists like myself have this outlet to create and make a living for ourselves.

  18. I was lucky to get a brilliant actor, Alex Hyde-White, to narrate my collection of connected stories, These Precious Hours.
    Michael Corrigan

  19. Well, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for ACX. To date, I have published my two books with you and now have the opportunity to record for other authors as well. As a former radio disc jockey ACX is giving me the opportunity to be behind the mic again! How cool! Thank you!!!

  20. Happy Birthday, ACX! Two of my books, (fiction) Willard Manor, and (non-fiction) Stop Procrastinating – Get Published!, have been produced as audio versions and I’m very happy with them. A third is in the works.

  21. Good day! Congrats on five years as a producer of audiobooks! As a longtime listener of audiobooks, I was thrilled to be able to have my own books available to readers in audio through ACX, starting four years ago.

    Now with well over 100 titles in ACX, and in turn, Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, I have become a bestselling audio children’s book author, novelist, and true crime writer — with an outstanding lineup of narrators, who have enjoyed the ride with me over the past four years.

    Here’s a big cyber toast and thanks to ACX, my narrators, and the readers who have enjoyed my “audio movies” through the years.

    I look forward to sharing the next five years with ACX and many more titles to come!


    R. Barri Flowers

  22. Happy birthday, ACX!

  23. Happy Birthday ACX!!!! Yay. I have read so many comments and echo the joy and pride of such a great team. I also came from radio, I’m a Sag Aftra Actor and as a screenwriter I published two of my stories and voiced them as well as the opportunity to voice so many othe writers visions. This experience is Wonderful for making my work better on so many levels. ACX continues to be a brilliant, winning combination and I am proud to be a part of it! Yay! Soundtrack Champagne corks popping!!!

  24. I’m an old radio guy and also an actor like many narrators. I cut my teeth editing magnetic tape. But I left performing and media many years ago when my daughter was born. Now, after 3 decades away from the microphone, I’m acting again and narrating audiobooks. ACX made it all possible. I had to relearn everything about production in general as well as all the new tools as I built my home studio and my learning platform was ACX. My 6th audiobook was just released this week and is doing well. Thank you, ACX, for all the knowledge, resources, opportunities, and assistance. Your help desk is awesome too. Happy birthday from a happy camper.

  25. I just discovered ACX a month or so back. Due to the exchange, I am now working with a very talented producer/actor who is narrating one of my novels, DRONE.

    Samuel E. Hoke has been fabulous. He read through my character sketches before starting the process and has brought those characters to life in a way I never thought possible.

    I would recommend him to any author looking for a narrator/producer and would recommend this site.

    Happy Birthday to the support staff.

    Best wishes to all the authors and actors/producers who make it a great exchange.

    W. M. J. Kreucher

  26. When I started out in voice-overs a little over 2 1/2 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be narrating audiobooks. Now, I am working on my 26th production on ACX with more in the pipeline. I just can’t crank ’em out fast enough!

    My first one was “Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Modern Rendition” by Daniel Duzdevich, a professor at Columbia University. At nearly 14 hours for your listening pleasure, needless to say it was a HUGE undertaking starting from scratch. Very heady stuff with long run-on sentences and lots of Latin pronunciations. I don’t mind saying that I was scared to death! All of my VO friends thought I was nuts! And If I had to articulate, “each species” one more time, I surely would have gone crazy.

    But I persevered, sweated bullets in my tiny home studio, proofed it more than twice, corrected the mistakes, and it was finally published. I haven’t been without a book project ever since.

  27. Indeed, we are happy to be a part of this, and hope that ACX keeps being great!

  28. Thank you ACX for helping become an audiobook narrator. Keep up the good work.

  29. Laura Bannister

    Happy Birthday, ACX! I’ve been on ACX less than a year, but I am really excited about the work I’ve been able to do. As an actor, I usually have to do the “seeking” for new projects, and it’s been a new experience (and an honor) to be contacted by authors who are interested collaborating. Thank you to the authors for reaching out, and thank you to ACX for making it all possible.

  30. I would like to personally thank the ACX team. Been with you since 2011. For me it started with The Wizard Lizard by Gerard Labrecue. Produced four books since then. You guys are the best!

  31. Michael G. Uva

    Hello ACX,

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! … Or 5 years! Secondly, I have only been with you just over 19 months, but WOW! What a voice you have given the indie writer. I now have (7) audio books up and running on ACX. (Two more new books will launch in a week or so.) Your company has been there with every answer to every question. I love my narrators. I use ACX to make my former movie scripts, now books, become audio books… and it works well. My first self-published book took ten years to get notice by a worldwide publisher. Now, the print portion is in its 5th Edition, with the audio portion now on ACX. Thanks so much. Mike.

  32. If you had not visited SAGAFTRA in LA a few years ago, I probably would not have been in a position where I am now to do this professionally. Thank you for the help and the advice and I’m glad I could contribute to the success you’ve had.

  33. I have to say I genuinely love what ACX has created because it has enabled me to work with some absolutely fantastic producers who are such talented people. In addition my audio books have now reached so many people who would never have found me otherwise. So ACX – I am so grateful for what you created and the opportunity you have provided for me and my audio audience😊

  34. Happy Birthday Beth!
    Perhaps we can meet in year six…

  35. We are a small publishing company. One of the things we found a challenge was choosing a narrator.You might think this an easy thing, but there were narrators that did not get the main character’s name correct. For instance some could pronounce “Christiana” with the “a” at the end, a clear indication that their attention to detail was not up to par.So we went with the paid option for ACX and got the best talent for our money.

  36. Happy Birthday! As an author with more than 30 books, four days ago I released my first Audible, “The Fairfax Fix,” narrated by Zachary Michael, who did a fantastic job. Sales have started already. After reading about the experiences of some others (above) I’m excited and hoping for similar results. The second recording, “Let’s Talk, a Black/White Dialog in the US and UK,” with James Murrell, producer, came out two days ago. Two more are in the works, “Cynthia and Dan, Cyber War” with Scott Ellis, and “Car oo6 Responding” with Daren Turnipseed. Four books was a lot to start all at once, so I’ve been busy, but it is so much fun! Hearing you own words read is a thrilling experience. Working with four different producers has shown me how each one has distinctive gifts and skill sets. It’s like having children–they are all different and you love them all. Dorothy May Mercer, Author

  37. Hello ACX! Happy B’day 🙂

    I have been converting kindle to ACX for 2 years. Now I have completed over 200 conversions. If you like to see my work samples please go through following link 🙂

    Hire me on Fiverr and Upwork!

    If you need my service just hit me a message 🙂


  38. I’m a relative newcomer to ACX but have been lucky enough to release 3 titles in audio this year, performed by brilliant Alex Wyndham. However, what I’d really like to say is Hearty Congratulations to the ACX Support Team. They are the best!

  39. Happy Birthday ACX! I’m glad to be one of your narrators!

    Julian G. Simmons

  40. Karen Commins

    Happy birthday, ACX!

    Audiobooks are my passion! However, when I started as a narrator in the early 2000s, most publishers were not willing to hire talent to work in their home studios.

    I was thrilled, honored, and grateful in January 2011 when Audible asked me to become a pre-launch beta tester of ACX.

    Those feelings have continued and intensified with each audition I’ve won.

    Thanks to ACX, I’ve worked consistently on one audiobook after another, all from the comfort and joy of my studio!

    I also love knowing that I am helping to make dreams come true for smaller publishers and indie authors who never thought their titles might be in audio.

    Cheers to you, ACX and staff, from a major fan and evangelist for your wonderful service!

    Karen Commins

  41. Reblogged this on julizpow and commented:
    I have 21 audiobooks from my stories, soon to be 22. Great experience and wonderful narrators. Thank you.

  42. One year ago I wrote my first book as an independent author and hired one of the producers on ACX for my audio book. I was very pleased with the results and sales reflected the same. ACX is a great opportunity for any author!

  43. Hah! So, in that first year of ACX… how many of those three our four hundred were Crossroad Press? We love you guys… we have grown along with you. Scott, Nicole… I never seem to be able to reach you guys anymore…

    We’re up around 500 titles now, not sure if we’re still the biggest user, but we have to be close… Here’s to another great year, and many more to come.

    David Niall Wilson
    Crossroad Press

  44. Linda LongCrane

    Happy Birthday ACX! Very happy to be one of your narrators for the past 2 years. I’ve voiced books for several authors/rights holders by now, and most have been great to work with. It’s a dream come true, a great experience, and one I don’t think I would have ever done without ACX. Linda LongCrane

  45. I am impressed to read this information about your celebration of audiobook creation..Your information is very useful and helpful for me..Thanks for sharing this information..

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