This Week in Links: June 8 – 12

For Rights Holders:

[VIDEO] Interview with Sharon Hamilton and J.D. Hart – via YouTube – ACX author and her producer share screen time in this conversation about their audiobook relationship.

Conference Season for Authors – via Author Marketing 101 – Summer is conference season for authors. Learn the dos and don’ts before you hit the convention scene.

The World of Book Blogging: A View From Book Expo –¬† via BookMarketingBuzzBlog – Author Brian Feinblum shares his takeaways from the panels he attended at this year’s biggest publishing expo.

If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop – via BuzzFeed Books – A fun look at writing workshops via a classic novel.

For Producers:

Meditation: How It Can Help Your Work as a Voice Over Artist – via Victoria DeAnda – Find a quiet room, align your chakras, and find out this eastern practice can improve your voice acting.

[VIDEO] All About Noise Floor – via The ACX Blog – Our resident audio scientist stops by to help you fix that low rumble before it gets amplified during mastering.

Can This Voice Problem Be Corrected? – via Dr. Ann Utterback – Learn about common vocal problems for voice artists and how easy – or difficult – they can be to overcome.

How To Add An Intro Video To Your Facebook Business Page – via Marc Scott – An engaging social media presence is important for every actor, whether you’re looking to market your books or your voice.

2 responses to “This Week in Links: June 8 – 12

  1. How do you get signed up to have your book made into an audio book? I’ve left telephone messages and tried four times to sign up on

  2. My new audio book, Carson Chance, P.I., Over the Edge, was produced through ACX. I must say I was a bit frustrated at first because I knew absolutely “0”. It is pretty much a do it yourself website. First, you need to go on their web site and sign up for a free account. If you read through each process, it is pretty clear what to do. First you upload your book and then request narrators to audition. I had already selected my narrator and had contacted her about doing my audio. I was looking for a narrator that would do it free with a fifty-fifty royalty split. Because she was a professional Actress and had over 60 audio books under her belt, I agreed to pay all her production costs. She still gets fifty-fifty of the royalties. Your Narrator can make or break your book, so it was worth it to me to find a professional. Lucky for me she walked me through the entire process.
    I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have. Just let me know and good luck. By the way I have several free promotion codes I will give away to the first five who request the audio of Carson Chance. The narrator was worth every penny.

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