Creating Your Custom Audible 30-Day Free Trial Link

Few words are more enticing than “free.” Today, you’ll learn how you can create custom landing pages on Audible for your ACX audiobooks. These links can be used on social media, on your website, and in your email newsletters to entice listeners to purchase your book as part of a free Audible trial that could earn you a  Bounty Payment for every new Audible member who signs up. It’s just five easy steps:

1) Visit your title’s product page on, making sure that you are not signed into the site.

2) Find the URL at the top of the page and copy the Audible ASIN, which is the series of numbers and letters (but not the “?”) displayed after your book’s title, but before the “ref” tag.

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3) Next, open a new browser tab. In the URL bar at the top, enter the following text (making sure to keep the word “asin” in lowercase letters):

4) Add the ASIN you found in step 2 to the end of the URL and hit “Enter.” Your link should end up looking something like this:

5) A custom free trial page with your title and cover art is generated!

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6) With your custom URL, your audiobook will be preloaded into the new Audible member’s cart when he or she signs up:

7) Copy this complete URL, and add it to your website, social media, or news blasts to your fans.

Not only is the Audible 30-Day Free Trial link a great way to invite fans to the joys of listening to your work, it introduces them to medium of audiobooks — great news for your future audio sales. And remember, you earn royalties for every new Audible member who buys your book first using your bounty referral link. Read the full details and terms surrounding the Bounty Program here.

Have you found a great way to promote your titles and generate Bounty payments? Tell us in the comments.

68 responses to “Creating Your Custom Audible 30-Day Free Trial Link

  1. This is great, Scott.

    Alex Hyde-White


  2. valerie gilbert

    Thanks, Scott, this is great!

    I’m doing my first author event/book signing at Namaste Book Shop in Union Square in April for my three titles.

    They’ve also asked me to teach a workshop, so I’ll do a psychic/spiritual development class with a guided meditation (since it’s a New Age Center)

    Hope you are well, happy (almost) spring!




  3. Hi Scott, This did not work for me. My book is B00TRHDDTW (s/b for The Ruby Brooch) and when I followed your instructions, the book that shows up on the page is Divergent, which is not mine. Suggestions?

  4. Ah! Figured it out. I didn’t put asin in lowercase. Works now

  5. SUPER useful post. Thanks! Can’t wait to try this on my website!

  6. I tried this and it didn’t work. It said “sorry, no preview image available” where my book cover should have been. The next time it had the book, DIVERGENT in that place. Can you help me fix this?

  7. I figured it out too! Thanks!

  8. Greetings, Scott! This post is EXTREMELY useful, especially since I see Teri S. has already solved the problem I encountered with the wrong book showing up!

    When Audible changed its affiliate membership to Amazon, I thought we would no longer have the ability to create links for 30-day trials. I’m delighted to see we still have that functionality, and it’s even easier than ever!

    Thanks so much! I look forward to adding a link for a 30-day trial on my blog!

    Karen Commins
    My ACX profile:

  9. Hi Scott,
    Super directions for making link. So when I enter my link on fb, my cover doesn’t show up, just the generic Audible pic is there. Is this supposed to show on fb?

    • Hubert Williams

      Angela, when you first post the link a pop up gives the chance to upload an image. Click on that popup and insert a cover image of the audiobook.

  10. valerie gilbert

    Hey, Scott!

    I’m sure you’re busy as heck, however my cover art is not being generated, it’s just standard Audible images, and of course, promoting my titles specifically is the point.

    I generated links for my 3 titles, do they look right to you? They’re linking to Audible, but not my titles.




  11. I hate when they insist on reminding me I’m not eligible for bounties.

  12. tonyacornelisse


    I am trying to do this with my audio book HIDDEN: BROKEN here is my link but a different book shows up in the example?? Is that okay or correct or will costumers receive that book instead of mine ?

    here is my costume link: please let me know how to make HIDDEN: BROKEN be the book they get when signing up?

    or is this correct?

    Thank you! Looking forward to promoting this – Tonya

  13. I’ve repeatedly pasted in the ASIN, upper case, lower case. It won’t work.

    I’ve heard you charge a fee to do that.

    If so, I pass. Not worth my time.

    *Jack de Golia*

    *Voice Actor”The Voice of Character!**”* *An Audible Approved Producer and Audie Award Nominee, 2015* Las Vegas, Nevada (Pacific Daylight Time, GMT -7) Cell phone: (702) 575-1373 Facebook:

  14. Hubert Williams

    Great suggestion. I just created links for my eight audiobooks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. Nice. I’ve created a bookmarklet tool which allows people to create these links with a single click:

  16. Hubert Williams

    Everyone, when you first post the link on FB a pop up gives the chance to upload an image. Click on that popup and insert a cover image of the audiobook. The link shows your book when you click on it but you have to put the cover art in yourself.

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  18. Great info. I just added it to my blog and shared this post on facebook and twitter. Thank you.

  19. If a customer signs up for the 30-day trial, and accepts our book that is automatically populated in their cart (although for free), do we receive the bounty for that book as their “first purchase”, or do they have to come back and buy another one of our books as their first purchase (which I would think is unlikely, as they wouldn’t know who we are, and the chance of them accidentally stumbling across our title seems remote).


  20. Great promo scheme.
    Is it going to be run for too?

  21. I hold three doctorates, am the author of numerous books and college courses, am an adjunct professor, am an editor and publisher, have produced several audiobooks — and so I don’t think I’m dumb — but for some reason I’m having trouble understanding this article and the instructions in it. Is it just me? Steven Lambert, ThD, DMin SLM Inc | Spirit Life Magazine | Real Truth Publications | Ephesians Four NetworkMailing Address: PO Box 911 / Jupiter FL 33468-0911Main Website: http://www.slm.orgFacebook Me | Follow Me On Twitter

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  24. I have the same question as Ken Joy. Do we get the bounty just because the customer grabbed our book for a 30-day free trial, or do they have to graduate to a paid account and then proceed to purchase another of our books? If it’s the 2nd case, then promoting these links seems actively harmful to our income. The customer is not going to buy the book that grabbed their eye, because they already have it for free. We then have one fewer books to entice them for bounties or sales.

    • Hi Abigail,

      Eligible ACX users will earn a bounty when their book is the first purchase of a new AudibleListener who remains a member for at least 61 days. More info about the $50 Bounty Program can be found here:

      – Scott

      • Hi Scott, I’m revisiting this question because I’m not sure I understand your answer. So we earn a bounty when a new AudibleListener, (who became a member because they followed the “free” link that caused our chosen title to automatically populate in their cart), remains a member for at least 61 days? Again, could you clarify: Do we earn the bounty on our free title that autopopulated in their cart in response to our free link, after they’re a member for 61 days, or do they have to remain a member for 61 days and then actually “BUY” and pay for a different title of ours? As Abigail Hilton said, if the latter is the case, it’s actually harmful to our income. We’ve basically forfeited a sale in order to bring Audible a new member, for which we get no reward. My apologies if “introducing them to the medium of audiobooks” isn’t reward enough for us as a publisher. If we earn a bounty on the title they received for free just because they stay a member for 61 days (and audible gets to bill them for a membership), then hooray!, that’s good for both us and Audible. But, if the initial title of ours the customer received for free doesn’t earn the bounty, and the customer has to come back and buy another of our titles, then big win for Audible, but for us–not so much.

        Thanks for anything you can do to clarify this situation.

      • Hi Ken,

        In short, the first audiobook “purchased” by a new AudibleListener (AL) will result in a bounty payment if that AL remains with Audible for 61 days, as long as the ACX user(s) earning the bounty is in a qualifying state. That first “purchase” can indeed be the free audiobook they receive as part of a trial generated by this link. More details here:

        Happy Thanksgiving!

        – Scott

      • Thanks, Scott! I appreciate you clearing that up for those of us (probably just me) who were unsure. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  25. Scott,
    I have the same question as Clark Nida. Is there something similar for Audible.UK? Your link builder works fine on the US site but doesn’t seem to work for the UK site. Which brings up the question, is the $50 bounty paid for attracting new UK subscribers? I would assume it is, but that’s not stated anywhere I could see.


  26. Jack and Tonya, be sure to refresh the page after you copy your asin into the address bar.

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  28. I have been saving the email about this so I could use it when I had some free time to try it. Just did it, and I’m not getting anything unique to my title.

  29. HI Scott,
    I’m trying to set up a free trial link on my website which is hosted by, but the resulting web frame is blank. The link URL I’m using is Is there any way to generate HTML code for the link? I think Wix might like that better.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Steve H

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    How to customize your Audible Book with a free trial link!

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    In case you need to know 😀

  32. I tried following the instructions to make a custom link but it says I am no longer eligible for this offer. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  33. Hi Sc ott

    I can’t see anywhere a reply to the question from Bob, so here it goes again.
    “I have the same question as Clark Nida. Is there something similar for Audible.UK? Your link builder works fine on the US site but doesn’t seem to work for the UK site. Which brings up the question, is the $50 bounty paid for attracting new UK subscribers? I would assume it is, but that’s not stated anywhere I could see.”


  34. David McCaffrey


    I have created my link but the page just shows up blank. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong!!! I have included the link below…

    All the best,


  35. stevieoconnorblog

    Hi, I can’t get this to work for me either? Am UK based and it is bringing up the site, but not my shiny, new audiobook. Any advice welcomed gratefully!
    Stevie O

  36. Same problem for me – just a blank page when you try the link on the UK site. Can someone please clarify if the promo link only works for the US site?

  37. I am also still unclear about when the bounty would get paid, if at all.

    Here is my question: if someone signs up to Audible using my free offer page (and gets my audio book for free) and then stays with Audible for 61 days in that time buys another audio book — from another author — would I get the bounty payment? The wording seems to imply they need to buy *my* audio book, but I only have one right now and they will have received that for free. So would I get the bounty if they stayed and bought another author’s audiobook? Since I will have introduced them to Audible I would have hoped so! The wording below (from ) isn’t clear to me. PLEASE could you clarify?

    “ACX offers a $50 Bounty payment each time an audiobook produced through ACX is the first purchase on Audible by an AudibleListener member while this offer is available on ACX. Rights Holders may earn the full $50 bounty each time their audiobook is the first purchase on Audible by an AudibleListener member while this offer is available on ACX. The AudibleListener member must remain a member in good standing for at least 61 consecutive days before the $50 bounty is paid on the qualifying audiobook purchase. ”

    If the answer is that they must buy a book by me then you need to make it clear that the bounty progamme is not suitable if you only have one audiobook out…

    I look forward to hearing.

  38. HI,
    I too am having difficulty with this. My book is NOAH’S WIFE and this is what I am pasting:
    With this I see a generic offer but my book cover is not visible and there is no pop up of any kind. Thanks!

  39. Hey, when I try to do this. The price for my books says “null” and it shows $0.00 savings. How can I get it to where it should the original price of my book crossed out?

  40. This only seems to work for the US – I tried to set one up for the UK and got a blank page. I used .com and and yes everything is correct, cut and pasted.

  41. So, Uk based accounts cannot use this? That’s a bit unfair.

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  44. How can I test to see if my link works? I’m already and Audible user so I”m not eligible thus don’t know if my book is showing up in new subscriber’s cart.

  45. This isn’t working. When I put in the URL, it automatically changes to:
    And the screen is the generic Audible free trial screen.

  46. I get a generic audible page with no cover to my title.

  47. Doesn’t work. Generic screen with an Andy Weir book comes up, not my book. I followed the cutting and pasting procedures exactly.

  48. Hi,

    My generated link for my book Unearthed Documents:… of When they Arrived is blank.

    I have tried taking out the colon and full stops from the title but with no luck. Any ideas?

    I am UK based.

    My link is:…ofwhentheyarrived?asin=B079C6G84X



  49. I get my book when I put in the url, but sharing shows the preview of everyone else’s book but mine. I can remedy that by posting my cover image and a link. Just thought I’d let you know, though.

  50. Please help, I’ve got the link to show my book but when I try to share on social media I get other people/s books and not my own. Here is the link – someone please help (sob)

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  52. Having the same difficulty with the cover on FB. We’ve uploaded the new cover image, but the other book covers on the Audible page show up, not ours.

  53. And how do you get credit making the link this way? It doesn’t go to my amazon associates account.

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