A Star Will Be Born: The Latest Audible Studios Open Casting


Audible Studios and ACX are kicking off 2015 in style by teaming up for another open casting call! This time, we’ve got two great titles from author Roxanne Conrad, and two narration contracts from Audible Studios worth up to $2,700 each!

Male actors are invited to audition for Exile, Texas, the story of  a missing girl, and a 15 year old murder case the Texas town can’t seem to forget.

On tap for female actors is Copper Moon. Don’t miss your chance to voice the adventures of small town music teacher Abby, as she meets a handsome stranger, becomes possessed by his dead mother, and begins to learn some unsettling secrets.

The casting opens Tuesday, January 13 at noon ET, and runs through Thursday January 29 at noon ET. Visit ACX.com, and create a free account to upload an audition. The winning narrator will read in Audible’s studio’s in Newark, NJ, or self-record from home. No editing or post-production is required.

After submitting your audition, browse our 6,600 + additional titles and find your next audiobook gig. We can’t wait to hear your voice!

45 responses to “A Star Will Be Born: The Latest Audible Studios Open Casting

  1. robert lee wilson

    required to self record or read in Newark, nj. is this bad wording or a guarantee that those of us west of the mason Dixon line won’t be participating? I’m in Oregon, get the point?

    • Hi Robert,

      If you’re not within commuting distance of Newark, NJ, you can self-record, which you can do from your home studio should you be cast.

      Break a lip!

  2. Is this $2,700 a stipend and royalty or a buyout?

    • The narrator cast will receive a PFH contract commensurate with their experience for the narration of the title only. No editing or post production is required, and there is no royalty share for this title. Break a lip!

  3. Are you looking for Texas accents when called for, or just a straight read? Thanks!

    • Light, subtle accents and character voices are the way to go, when accents are called for. Differentiate the characters and make them your own, but don’t go over the top. Break a lip!

      • Scott, in further inquiry here, since the narrator is a Texan, should we use a slight accent of the full narration, as WELL as with the lines? Or should we just keep the deputy/narrator lines in a more standard American and use a Texas purely for Miss Pammy? Does this make sense. Just not sure if it’ll be confusing if the deputy/narrator’s narration is in more standard American, which his lines have a touch of a southern accent.

      • Hi Mark,

        Unfortunately we can’t offer advice as to how to perform the story. We recommend you perform your audition in a way that you think fits the story best. Feel free to include a note along with your submission if you desire.

        Break a lip!

        – Scott

  4. Who is speaking.in the audition ? Are the the narrator and the Deputy one in the same ? Who is Miss Pammy ? Most of the audition piece seems to be a female voice. Description ? Also please be specific and define what you mean by “Adult language and “Situations”. What situations – Lee Alan Clebrity Legends, LLC

  5. I did a search on ACX for the Exile, Texas book and can’t find it anywhere.?

  6. Why no editing or post? Can I anyway? I prefer doing my own post production. I am really good at it! Check out the opening to the new Sherlock Holmes book I am currently performing and producing for ACX: http://joebev.com/joebev-audio/sherlockholmeaudiobooks/Sherlock-Holmes-Castle-Orphans-13min.mp3

  7. I am reading over the audition section and have questions. The narrator is a man? He is in the scene with the woman? It seems weird to be doing any audition that is primarily women characters. I have produced and voiced 120 plus audio titles to date and in many of them I was allowed to use a woman to read the women characters, like the new Holmes I am doing and my previous ACX title: Ghost Stories. Can I read the male roles and record a woman actress doing the female parts? As you can see, I make my living creating radio theater style audio titles, with full production values. I am not a fan of :just reads”. Advice?

  8. Than you for offering such a fantastic opportunity. Look foward to the possibilities. – Mike

  9. To Joe B., Thanks muchly for the link. It worked.

  10. Scott, I prepared an audition but can’t find Exile, Texas available. Is it already cast? You said it would be open for audition until January 29th. What am I doing wrong?

  11. I would still like to know answers to the questions I asked. I am especially interested in if I am allowed to edit my own work. I dislike and never do “punch editing”. I think it is cheating, makes every sound phoney and prevents me from delivering the very best performance by not allowing me to pick from several takes. If I do not hear back, I am going ahead and recording the audition my way. If I win, I have no intention of doing “punch edits” nor of letting someone else control my timing. I have successfully doing this for more 40 years.

    • Joe… I’m a newbie at audiobooks, at the ripe old age of 56! Congratulations on doing audiobooks for 40+ years. Quite an achievement! May I ask a question of an “old hand” (and other readers) so that I can learn? Is it normal in the audiobook world to tell a client that one has no intention to deliver the product in the format they want it? I’m really not trying to be smart here, just trying to learn all I can from experienced narrators/producers. I know that if I asked someone to paint my house and they told me they would do it, but not the color I want, I would never hire them. I know the audiobook business is not house-painting, so please clear this up for me. I’d like to do well at this, and if this is what clients expect, then I want to follow in the footsteps of those that are successful. Thanks!

      • Most narrators are not producers. I am a veteran producer and a working actor with many credits. If you can do it better yourself, why not try to convince the client? I will never use punch editing. Luckily non of my clients have ever forced met to do it. It may save time but the final product sounds terrible. My clients all hired me because I can edit and polish my own work and that my audio sounds like radio theater, not just reading.I still will audition for this but I will not take the gig if I am forced to do punch edits.

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  13. Hei!

    I just saw this and thought it looked interesting! I’m Norwegian! Could I try to self record from Norway? Or would you prefer people who live in America? 🙂

  14. Whilst I will definitely audition for this piece, I can’t help but wonder how many will actually audition? 1000’s, I may have a better chance at winning the lottery.. but it’s at least good practice to delve into the character

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  16. Ooh a Deputy-themed narration. Count me in, baby!

  17. I am auditioning for Copper Moon. I loved the two characters so much I ordered the book, it was very hard to find. It hasn’t arrived there yet. However I’m doing audition this weekend. I’m very excited.

  18. It mentions being in America and the UK; I’m from Australia and totally keen to give it a shot, can I still audition?

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    I will be auditioning for this.

  20. I can’t upload my audition. I click on the “audition” tab as instructed and it tells me “You don’t have any titles meeting this criteria.” What am I missing?

  21. Thank you Scott! Will do.

  22. On time I was able to put in my audition. I’m producing another Book at the moment as well, but I have a great voice and can Narrate on English and Spanish so even if I don’t win, I got a lineup already. I’m excited and I hope I get picked, if not, good luck to all the other narrators! 😀

  23. Scott,
    Do I need to slate the audition with name and book title? Or do the judges prefer without? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Michael,

      Slating will not make or break your audition. Do what you are most comfortable with.

      – Scott

      • Thanks so much, Scott. I’ve already got it ready to go, no slate. So, I will submit it shortly. I am grateful for your help.


  24. Just curious, Scott. What was the final tally on audition submissions?


  25. With any luck, and taking into consideration the normal response time from authors here, we should all have a reply to the auds by, oh…. say the start of Baseball season.

    God, I love this business.

  26. Just wondering if there was ever an announcement of the winners. I guess technically a week after the decision date falls into the “on or about” timeframe… 😉

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