Highlights From The 2014 Narrator Knowledge Exchange

At the end of May, 50 ACX producers joined us for a day of learning and networking at our Newark, NJ offices. These lucky attendees were treated to a day of hands-on training in audiobook production techniques and performance skills, and had the chance to audition in person for Audible Studios’ award-winning production team.


Author Julie Ortolon and ACX head honcho Jason Ojalvo.

Best-selling author Julie Ortolon kicked off the day in a brief interview about her experience in the audiobook industry. Then, breakout sessions let attendees dive deep into performance and technical topics, featuring small-group instruction from the Audible Studios staff, and everyone got to audition for an Audible Studios producer before heading home.

Check out our video recap of the event, then tell us where you’d like to see our next Knowledge Exchange via the poll below.

We truly enjoyed spending the day with these wonderful producers and are already working on ways to make the next Knowledge Exchange even more fun and informative.

Bonus question: What would you like to learn about at the next Narrator Knowledge Exchange? Tell us in the comments!

11 responses to “Highlights From The 2014 Narrator Knowledge Exchange

  1. Donna Kalinowska-Werter

    If you are a narrator, but don’t have a home studio and plan recording any books you might audition for in a professional studio-besides sending a “note to author”-what are your best audition options?

  2. This was a FANTASTIC event! Thanks so much for the invite! I really enjoyed the day spent at Audible and the people I met there. -Leah

  3. Would love to attend this, but am out of state. How about offering it online as a webinar next time so those of us out of state can participate! Thanks guys! Looked great!

  4. Feel free to invite me to the next one . . .

  5. I wish I would have been invited to this! Seems like a lot of GREAT information and good opportunities for Q&A and to be better collaborators with ACX! I love that your pledging to expand it next year—I think all Audible Approved Producers should be invited!

  6. I would love to attend the event!

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  8. I love the webinar idea so we can all participate from near and far. And the topic I would like to see? What do you do/how do you handle it when a manuscript (already published, supposedly) is filled with misspellings, wrong tenses, and poor grammar? I can see charging a fee for the extra time to correct them, but what about when it’s royalty share only? This happens WAY too much and would be great to know how to deal with the publisher/author/editor tactfully…

    • I’m just amazed at how many errors you find in things that are already out there as Kindle books. I can’t believe that Amazon has any kind of meaningful quality assurance for the stuff they put out there!


  10. Virginia Ferguson

    Marketing is a skill I’d love to know more about.

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