Market Yourself and Your Books with Promo Codes for Producers

You Asked, We Listened: Promotional Codes for Producers

Producers, you told us you’d like more help promoting royalty share projects you’ve completed through ACX, so starting tomorrow, we’re arming you in the fight for higher sales. ACX producers will now receive 25 promotional codes for each royalty share production they complete. These codes are the key ingredient in your marketing recipe. Using promo codes to drive reviews and sales of your ACX productions will not only earn you money, it will help you sell your narration abilities to boot.

Audiobook Marketing for ACX Producers

We’ve covered the basics of self-promotion on ACX, as well as here on the blog. Lay the groundwork using those tactics, and don’t forget that most marketing advice written with authors in mind is applicable to actors as well. The tips below will help you market your ACX titles, but it all starts with cultivating your brand. Don’t just think of your website, blog, or social media accounts as sales tools for your vocal work, but as ways for new listeners to discover your audiobooks as well. As an actor you’re used to selling yourself, so don’t be shy about marketing your products as well as your services.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can use promo codes to get people talking about you.

1. Trade a code for a review – This is the simplest method of using your codes to promote yourself. Offer anyone and everyone a free download of your book in exchange for an honest review on Audible (just don’t be too pushy). A number of strong reviews will help sway potential listeners, and you can add quotes from listeners to your ACX profile, your website, etc. And make sure to send their code via email, then add the contact to your email list. Now you’re killing two birds with one stone!

2. Use codes in a contest/giveaway – This is a great way to generate big buzz with a small reward. Everyone loves to win, so hold a contest with a free download as the prize (or as  part of a prize pack).  Double your return by roping social media into the proceedings. Look for ways to enlist your fans and contacts in your marketing efforts in exchange for something cool from you. For example,  you could encourage fans to tweet about your audiobook along with a custom hashtag – then randomly select a winner to receive a free download.

3. Swap codes with a fellow ACX narrator/producer/engineer – Set up an agreement with a friend or colleague: trade download codes and review each other’s audiobooks on Audible, then expand on that review on your blogs. Offer the unique perspective of one audiobook insider reviewing the work of another, and make sure to include links to the Audible product page in your post. Feel free to give away each others codes as well. Their fans could become yours, and vice-versa.

4. Partner with your author – Pair with the author of the title you’re promoting to combine your efforts. Make sure you mention the book title and author’s name every time you give away a promotional code, and have the author do the same. You can also interview each other for your respective blog or websites, and focus on the creative similarities and difference between your chosen fields. Whatever you choose, find a way to make the most out of your relationship with your partner in promotion.

5. Don’t forget real world marketing – The only thing better than listening to a great voice in your headphones is listening to a great voice in person! Contact your local bookstore or library and offer to do a live read with a Q&A (if you have the copyright owner’s permission). If they’re local, combine forces and appear together. Make sure to bring your business cards with your website/blog’s URL, and hand them out at the end. Those that visit your website or follow you on social media will be added to your pool of potential code-getters and review-leavers.

You may not feel like a instinctive marketer, but if you start small and keep at it day after day, it will quickly feel as natural as narration. Remember that you’re still you, just with something to sell (or in this case, give away)! Don’t let marketing your titles take over your online persona, but do remember that you have a unique opportunity to drive your own income. A little marketing work is surely worth the extra sales and the chance to become an audiobook entrepreneur, right?

Help your fellow producers by sharing your audiobook marketing ideas below!

18 responses to “Market Yourself and Your Books with Promo Codes for Producers

  1. Will this be retroactive or only on projects going forward from tomorrow?

  2. All you do to help us succeed is greatly appreciated. Not just for our personal success as people involved with audiobooks, but helping the listener get more access and more books to listen too as well. Thanks

  3. Michelle Murphy

    Hello? Is this available for my recently completed production, Saving Gracie, by Terry Lee, which was listed for sale May 2? Or for a production I contracted for Mar. 10, which will likely be complete in the next couple wks?

    Michelle Babb


  4. Fantastic news! Thanks so much for listening! This will be a great help in getting reviews and greater exposure. Also, that’s a terrific idea to swap codes/reviews with a fellow narrator.

    I assume the promo codes will be emailed out to producers, starting with any ACX titles that are submitted from today onward?

  5. A great promotional help to self-published authors/producers would be opportunities for their audiobooks to be offered as the Daily Deal.

  6. Johnnie C. Hayes

    Obviously, many if us are interested in knowing whether this will be retroactive — and if so, how far back? It’s an excellent idea, and those of us who have already done a number of RS narrations (including some really good books that haven’t paid off yet) would greatly appreciate the help.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      If you, or any other ACX users, would like codes to help promote a title completed before this week, please email and request them. If you’re looking to promote, we’re looking to help you!

      • Chris Barnes

        I emailed support for codes a few days ago and had no response. Going forward will the codes be automatically sent?



  7. Is this only for future royalty share projects, or can we get them for existing ones?

  8. How do we actually get the codes? Do they come automatically in a message from ACX?

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  12. I would love to have promo codes for my existing books. The codes I received are for the 4th book of a series. Th book I’m currently working on is the 3rd. I want to offer codes for the first books in the series.

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