Are You the Next Voice of Audible Studios?

ACX is proud to present our latest Audible Studios open casting call. This is your chance to audition for Audible‘s Grammy-winning producers and land an audiobook contract to voice one of two great titles! And as an added bonus, we’ve invited special guest Robin Whitten, Editor and Founder of AudioFile Magazine to aid in the selection process!



Raiders! The Story of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made is the wild, true story of two young friends who realized their impossible dream of remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark shot by shot, and how their friendship survived all the challenges the 7 year amateur film shoot threw their way. Robin and the Audible Studios producers will be listening for an engaging male voice who can bring out the adventure and ingenuity in this story.


Female VO’s can audition for Counterclockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-Aging. Author Lauren Kessler investigates the world of anti-aging, aiming to separate the hope from the hype. The result is a thoughtful, hilarious, and informative tale of what’s really possible when you get serious about taking charge of how well and how quickly you age. The ideal voice will be a smooth female who can express the thoughtfulness and straightforward scientific details in this story with a smile.

audible-logoThe contracts to record these titles have an estimated value between $1,300 and $1,595 USD  (£951 & £787 GBP), and the chosen actors will record these titles in their own home or professional studios, leaving the post production to Audible Studios.

In addition, this casting is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with Audible Studios. Dawn Harvey, winner of the Sex and the Single Girl casting call, has found recognition and continuing audiobook work with Audible Studios:

Being cast as the narrator for Sex and the Single Girl brought recognition to my name among many narrators.  When I attended APAC last year, my name was familiar to so many people that I had never met. Subsequently, I was added to Audible Studio’s roster where I have since voiced 6 books for them, and was able to join SAG/AFTRA as a direct result.

Working with Audible Studios and their friendly, knowledgeable studio team is always a delight.  There is no doubt that booking Sex and the Single Girl has really made a difference to my career.

Visit, and create a free account to upload an audition. Auditions are open Thursday May 1 – Friday May 16 at 12:00PM ET. The selected actors will be announced on or about May 28, right here on the blog. Full casting call rules and restrictions can be found here.

11 responses to “Are You the Next Voice of Audible Studios?

  1. I Do not have home audio equipment and no money to buy any, but I am told all the time that I should be doing audiobooks. Do you ever hold auditions at the Don Fontaine Lab at SAG-AFTRA? I am very frustrated every time I hear of an audition, but do not have the equipment.

  2. Dawn: You would be up and running for $250 of equipment and a small room lined with blankets. It’s how everyone starts out.

    No one in their right mind should spend any more than the above during their first year or two as an audiobook narrator.
    This work is not for everyone!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I will definitely submit an audition.

  4. Dawn Hollywood Wagner

    I figured I didn’t stand a chance. without the right equipment. However, if the deadline has not passed for entries, I would like to try, can you send me a link re: how I go about this without a studio or even a printer? All I have is my laptop.
    I appreciate your help.

  5. Christopher Barden


    In my past life I did this for Lighthouse for the Blind and for disabled students. I would love to do this again.

    Chris Barden

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  7. Marc Weishaus

    I just submitted a “sample” — which was my audition for the current contest to read “Raiders”, and I want to make sure that you got it and will listen to it with the other entrants’ recordings. The contest closes in 15 minutes, and I have hastily filled in info for my profile, but I plan to do a more complete job after this deadline is past. Thanks

  8. I sent my audition in on May 15th at 5pm, but got an email saying “it’s past the cut-off time” (which was May 16th at noon)….and ACX is not answering their phones …what’s the deal?

    • Hi J, the note you received at noon today indicates that the audition period has now closed. If you recived this note, your audition has ben received and will be juged next week. Winners will be announced right here on or about May 28th. Thanks for auditioning!

  9. This is not the last time i can audition for you is it. I auditioned before. My computer was stolen and im well working on building a home studio. I just cant do this one.

  10. EXCITED! I would be honored to win … Heck, I’m honored to have opportunity to audition! Can’t wait to hear who won! 🙂

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