Mastering the Bounty Program

Today, we’re talking bounties, more specifically ACX‘s bounty program. If you hadn’t heard, bounties are a great way for rights holders and producers to maximize the earning potential of their audiobooks. Let’s review some bounty basics, and then we’ll hear from an ACX user who found success driving new Audible listeners to purchase their book.

The ACX Bounty Program

Under the Bounty program, users can get – or split in the case of Royalty Sharing partners – a bonus payment every time a qualifying audiobook they’ve produced through ACX is the first purchase of a new Audible listener. This money is on top of any royalty earnings from your audiobook sales. Think of it as our thanks to you for helping new audiobook listeners discover Audible!

Profitable_rightDriving New Audible Listeners

Here are some quick ways to get the word out about your audiobook and start racking up those bounty payments.

1. It’s never too early to start promoting! You needn’t wait for your audiobook to be published to start spreading the word! Authors, let your fans know when you post your title to ACX and update them when you cast a narrator, and as production progresses. Producers, spread the word when you’re cast on a new title, and let your fans know when it will be out.

2. Use those promo codes from ACX. When your production is completed, you’ll get 25 free download codes right off the bat.  Use these codes to get people listening to and reviewing your book. Seek out audiobook reviewers and offer them a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Host a giveaway for your fans on social media, or trade codes with a fellow ACX user and review each others titles on your website/blog. Word of mouth marketing is a more powerful tool than ever!

3. Mention your audiobook every time you promote your book in ANY format. General book marketing is great, but to maximize your bounty payments, make sure you consistently talk about your audio version. A number of your readers may not yet be audiobook listeners, and a reminder that your book is available in this awesome format might be just the poke they need to visit Audible and start downloading.

A Bounty Success Story – Frank Eakin, 12 Years a Slave


L to R: ACX rights holder Frank Eakin and narrator Louis Gossett Jr.

“We produced the official movie tie-in audiobook for 12 Years a Slave, and we published the top-selling edition of the e-book and print book. I believe that relatively few authors and publishers truly grasp the importance of audiobooks in driving sales across their portfolio of products related to a title.”

“When you are ready to launch your audiobook, be sure to cross-sell your audiobook inside your book. For example, in one of the front pages of our e-book and on the back cover of our print book, we try to excite the reader about the audiobook, and we usually pitch it as a different and unique way in which to experience the story. We mention that the book can be purchased at Audible inside our book and in our materials. Also, in our e-book and print book, we plug our free Audiobook Extra, which can be downloaded exclusively from our product page on Audible. A free digital extra, which in our case is a unique map related to the story, will draw many potential customers to your Audible page; by engaging readers in our free map, we help to convert them into customers of our audiobook.”

“In social media, including Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we plug Audible and provide some of the benefits of becoming a regular audiobook listener, which helps to drive memberships and thus increase our number of bounty payments. Our Facebook ads bring potential customers to our Audible page (to download the map) and to our unique website, which features audiobook clips in a multi-media format, and engages readers so they will want to click on our Purchase Now page, which provides a link to our Audible page.”

Are You The Next Bounty Success Story?

Have you been successful at driving new listeners to Audible and collecting your bounties? Tell us in the comments and help your fellow ACXers learn from your efforts. We just might feature you in a future post!

Full terms and conditions on the Bounty Program can be found on ACX.

15 responses to “Mastering the Bounty Program

  1. Whoa. When did the promo codes start?

  2. Do these promo codes apply to everyone on Audible, or just the ones associated with ACX?

  3. I did receive the codes for my last title, but I was wondering – do they expire?

  4. My audiobook just went live today! I received an email informing me that the book was available for sale; however, I did not receive anything mentioning promo codes. How long does it take to receive promo codes?

  5. While I’ve always received very speedy responses to my requests for promo codes, I’ve never received an automatic email with such codes after the release of a book.

  6. The Bounty program is good, but is there any work-around for those of us who live in Colorado and the other states where it is not allowed?

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  8. I have been awarded some bounties thus far but never used my promo codes. Will I receive a $50 bounty when someone downloads my book for free as their first download using the promo codes for FREE?

  9. They leave out the critical piece: Several states are banned from participating, making ACX a lose-lose proposition for Royalty Share. We don’t get paid for recording and we get a pittance for sales (seriously, 20% is a joke).

  10. I would like any information regarding the bounty payment ban for the states listed…I live in Minnesota. I was getting bounty payments in 2012, then they stopped with passage of some law in MN that I believe is linked to the Amazon Affiliate program, but I need more info to provide to my state Representative to get this changed.

  11. Hi! Our audio book for “The Wolf’s Moon” is now complete except for proofing and accepting! I put a copy of the 5 minute retail audio sample on the website on the right hand widget on WordPress from the embed on Sound Cloud!! Check it out at and see how you like Mark Westfield doing the narration!! Thx! I sure have a lot to learn and looking forward to reading all of your posts.

  12. Also, I think that Missouri is also one of the states that the Amazon affiliate is banned too. 😦 Will be interested to know how people do the workaround!

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