This Week In Links: April 7 – 11

We’d like to welcome all of our new UK author and producer friends to the fold! We’re pleased to have you take part in the audiobook revolution. Kick your ACX journey off by joining your American counterparts in our Friday ritual. We’ve rounded up all the best audiobook related links from around the web and presented them for your viewing pleasure. Click on your favorites below, and join us next week for more audiobook education, information, and entertainment!

For Producers and Rights Holders:

ACX is Now Open to UK Authors and Voice Actors! – via The ACX Blog – We’re pleased to open our virtual doors to authors and actors form the UK!

Harmless Audiobook Trailer (VIDEO) – via DJ Holte – Creative audiobook promotion alert! ACX producer DJ Holt created this video trailer to help spread the word about his latest production.

For Rights Holders:

Why Audiobooks Are the Next Big Thing in Self-Publishing – via MediaShift – ACX author shares her audiobook self-publishing journey.

3 Steps to Choosing The Perfect Freelance Editor – via Digital Book World – Being self-published doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. DBW has advice on how to hire an editor.

Putting Your Life in Your Fiction – Via LitReactor – How do you work your real life experiences into your fiction? Richard Thomas has some tips on how to get it done.

For Producers:

The ACX Studio Gear Wishlist (Beginners) – via ACX – Breaking into the voiceover business and unsure what basic gear you’ll need? Check out our handy wishlist.

Whittam’s World: Episode 25 “Microphone Marathon (…and More!) (VIDEO) – via Edge Studios – Studio master George Whittam covers all of your microphone questions

Voice of Winnie the Pooh Reads Darth Vader’s Lines From Star Wars – via 22 Words – Voice actor Jim Cummings messes with your mind, voicing the evil villain as the sweet childhood character.

3 responses to “This Week In Links: April 7 – 11

  1. I have been promoting ACX on LinkedIn. “Indie Book Marketing”-And that is probably a mistake. But I have an investment in them and I want them
    to succeed. That does not mean I am not irate at them for reducing
    royalty rates. I think it shows what happens when there is monopoly
    control: “To hell with the little guys” is how they think..

  2. The Rode NT-1A has a 2-6k lift that looks like a mountain range. It is designed for vocalists, not narrators, and enhances even the slightest levels of sibilance. This results in a lot of frustration for new narrators and the ears of those who listen to them.
    My I respectfully recommend the following package for those who are breaking into audiobooks.

    The sE Electronics x1 Studio Bundle:

  3. Thanks for sharing my audiobook trailer!
    ~DJ Holte

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