ACX is Now Open to UK Authors and Voice Actors!

ACX is pleased to announce we are opening our virtual doors to the United Kingdom! We now welcome all UK authors and actors to join the online marketplace that has facilitated the creation of over 16,000 audiobooks in less than three years. Opening ACX to the United Kingdom means that UK narrators can now audition for US books, UK rights holders can cast US narrators, and vice versa!

Make sure to check out Audible founder and CEO Don Katz’s piece on this initiative in Publishing Perspectives, and then head back to ACX with any questions. New to our site? See how ACX works for authors or narrators. Actors should also check out The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Audiobook Professionals, and authors can get the scoop on How to Win Listeners and Create Great Audiobooks.

We firmly believe that every book worth reading is worth listening to. We can’t wait to see your book or hear your voice on ACX!

17 responses to “ACX is Now Open to UK Authors and Voice Actors!

  1. Mike Broderick Voice Over

    I’m an American living in the UK. I have no property or mailing address in the US. Can I participate?

  2. Hi there id love to get my voice out there and use my voice for audiobooks how do i get started?

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  4. Is ACX planning to open its doors to European authors anytime soon?

  5. Anthony Chapman

    Hi, My books are published by CreateSpace for paperbacks, and AmazonKDP for ebooks. I’m Irish living in Ireland, but the country of publication is America, and I have an ITIN, so can I parcitipate?

  6. Hoping you will open up to the neighbour/neighbor in the north (Canada) sooner, rather than later.

  7. Sharon Bennett

    This is awesome news! I second Stacey’s comment re: Canada.

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  9. I was thrilled to hear this news! I’m already in the process of creating my first audio book thanks to ACX opening it’s doors in the UK

  10. Late to the party here, but thought I’d ask my question anyway:
    I live in France but am a US citizen with a US social security #, a US bank account, and I can provide a US address for any mail (it’s a relative’s.) I’ve got a solid web connection and can make international calls for free– communication with a potential client won’t be an issue. Am I eligible to be an ACX narrator? If not currently, is there any prospect of this changing in the near future?

  11. Peter: Once you have a US tax number and a verifiable address you can narrate via the ACX platform.

  12. I was excited to see ACX has moved into the UK. But then very ANNOYED when I see it’s NOT available to authors based in Ireland (as in the republic of) WHY is this? And WHEN can Ireland based authors be included? I have a US tax ID.

  13. I am an author, a UK citizen, living in France, but with a UK bank account, UK tax No, US TIN no. I don’t seem to be able to register even if I enter the UK address – maybe because of the French email address? Can I publish an ebook via ACX? Help please!!

  14. Is there any change in the works so that ACX will let Canadians use your service, as well? I was a little floored when I realized you leave us out & I don’t understand why this is? I also have not been able to find a way to publish my audio book because of this. Anyone have any suggestions?

  15. I’m a Republic of Ireland based voice over ,when will I be able to narrrate on ACX?

    Thank You,


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