This Week in Links: March 10 – 14

Winter is turning to spring, and as the sun warms up the earth, warm up your brain in addition to your voice or fingers. How? By reading our favorite audiobook related links from this past week. From advice on surviving criticism to delivering the perfect dramatic read, we’ve got you covered.

And remember to leave your favorite links from this week in the comments!

For Rights Holders:

How to Take Criticism Like a Pro – Via Kristen lamb’s Blog – Author and guest blogger J.E. Fishman stops by to offer tips on how professionals turn a critique into self-improvement.

The Author Monthly Planner – via Duolit – The “Self-pub team” offers a free tool to help authors keep up with their writing and marketing tasks.

How To Survive Writing In A Narrow Niche: Diversify! – via ALLi – Australian self-published author Jessica Bell provides a personal case study of how writers targeting small niches may increase the income from their work by embracing other genres.

For Producers:

What should you look for in a voice over coach? – via Jay Britton – Guest Nancy Wolfson shares ideas as to what up-and-coming voiceover talent should look for when consider a coach.

“Understated” Matters to Dramatic Storytelling, And How! – via Paul Alan Ruben’s Audio Book Narrators – Many emerging and even experienced narrators seem reflexively suspect of understated, or less. When in fact, it’s more that often removes listeners’ interest because more disconnects listeners from the story’s dramatic import.

Hal Douglas: Six of The Best Trailers From the Voiceover King – via The Guardian – Movie trailer voiceover legend Hal Douglas passed away this week at 89. Relive some of his best work, from Philadelphia to Meet The Parents.

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