This Week in Links: February 24 – 28

ACX is at the AWP conference out in Seatle this week, enjoying the unusually clear skies and meeting loads of new authors! As we spread the word about ACX, we continue to focus on educating authors and actors about all things audiobooks.

Enjoy this week’s links, and join us next week for more audiobook action.

For Rights Holders:

Audiobooks and the Return of Storytelling – via The NY Times – T. M. Luhrmann connects the modern audiobook to the long history of oral storytelling.

Tumblr 101 for Authors – via Duolit – The SelfPub team has advice for authors looking to get started with the popular social platform.

How Indie Authors Can Sell Film & TV Rights – via ALLi – Everyone wants to be in the pictures! Find out how to get your story from page to screen.

For Prroducers:

Adding Your VO Demos to Your Facebook Page (VIDEO) – via Jordan’s Chopped Thoughts – “Anywhere that you can place your VO demos online, for free, should be taken advantage of.”

The Voice Over Vocal Care Chart – via Edge Studios – Edge has a great page that will help actors care for their instrument.

5 Tips For Your YouTube Video Voice Over Demos – via Marc Scott Voiceover – “YouTube is one of the nets biggest search engines. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Big time!”

One response to “This Week in Links: February 24 – 28

  1. If all these suggestions are followed it will still be “a drop in the bucket.”
    I have,for several months provided a link to Audiobook samples. A total of three samples (6min each) on and I can .see no benefit.
    Of course you never know for sure except for the “likes” on the page.
    -and they are very small. -And I will put my audiobook up against anyone
    who want’s to compare.-writing and narration.

    I would like to hear more about audiobooks competing with hard back print
    instead of paperback. Volume sales is what we need

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