Recap: The ACX Twitter Chat – 2/11/2014

Last night, Brooklyn-based Brick Shop Audio joined us for our very first Twitter chat. We really enjoyed connecting with ACX users like you and hearing your take on audiobook production.acx_logo_600x600_small

We’ve collected the best parts of the chat over on our Storify page and invite you to read through for educational nuggets (Storify is best read from bottom to top, as you would on Twitter).

We covered everything from auditions and casting to reviewing your final audio. ACX producers and rights holders also joined in to offer their perspective

LOGO-TOPAfter reading, tell us why you’d make a great guest for our next chat in the comments!

One response to “Recap: The ACX Twitter Chat – 2/11/2014

  1. I’m sure fans of Twitter will get more out of this than dinosaurs like me. This was a confusing blizzard of links and one-liners, that finally did make some sense if read, counter-intuitively from the bottom up. More trouble that it’s worth, however. Tell us a story in ways where the medium isn’t so weird.

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