This Week in Links: January 13 – 17

We’ve got a slate of links that will provide all the edutainfo you need for your weekend. What’s “edutainfo?” All the education, entertainment, and information you need to keep writing and producing great audiobooks! Dedicate a little slice of your weekend to reading these links and stay on top of the latest and greatest from around the audiobook web.

For Producers:

How To Not Sound Sick When You’re Sick (Video) – via Voice Over Garden – Voice over actor and coach Jonathan Tilley provides 3 tips to battle a head cold the day of a job.

Tips on Finding Out Your Voice Type – via bodalgo. – Check out these ways to discover your voice type from an unbiased perspective.

Voiceover Profile: Amanda Sellers – via VoiceOverTimes – Successful voice artist Amanda Sellers talks about how she achieved success in voice over.

Dos Equis: Nancy Wolfson – via Tom Knight VoiceOver – Voice actor Tom Knight takes a playful spin on the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial.

For Rights Holders:

How to Win Listeners and Create Great Audiobooks – via The ACX Blog – This post has everything you need to know to go from author to audiobook publisher. This is a must read!

Facebook or Blog? – via Writers and Authors – This infographic compares blogs and Facebook as marketing strategies.

Sub Ops Ten – via Paperback Writer – Take a look at these upcoming submission opportunities.

A 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises – via Writers Digest – Writer’s Digest editor and author Brian A. Klems suggests 12 fun writing exercises to get your creativity flowing.

The Incredible Eccentricities of 20 Great Writers – via Mental Floss – “Truly great artists will do whatever it takes to find their muse.”

What’d we miss? Share your favorite links in the comments!

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