New Year, New Gig: Audible Studios/ACX Open Casting!

Audible and ACX have teamed up once again to bring actors another great opportunity to work with the Grammy Award-winning Audible Studios team!

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41cMJ8sfmjL._SL160_On tap for male actors is The Game Player by RafaelYglesias, the story of two young boys who move through life as friends and competitors, equally ambitious but unequally talented.

Female actors can audition to voice Hidden Steel by Doranna Durgin, the tale of a streetwise gym owner and the CIA case worker who stumbles into his life with few memories and even fewer clues as to how she got that way.51cEANprFJL._SL160_

Visit and create a free account to upload an audition. Auditions are open Monday January 6 – Friday January 17th at 11:59 PM ET. The selected actors will be announced on or about January 27th, right here on the blog. Full casting call rules and restriction can be found here.

After submitting your audition, browse our 3,300 + additional titles and find your next audiobook gig. We can’t wait to hear your voice!

20 responses to “New Year, New Gig: Audible Studios/ACX Open Casting!

  1. Do we just audition for those titles like normal, or is there some additional process for this contest?

  2. Are AFTRA members eligible? Thank you.

    • SAG-AFTRA members are indeed eligible for this casting. Audible Studios will work that out with you if you’re cast. Just be sure to mention it to them. Good luck!

  3. I am a bit confused about this. At Amazon this title is already available on audio apparently having been read by the illustrator. Are we using this text to audition for another of this author’s works , or for a second version of this actual story? please reply. Thank you kindly.

    • Hi J.T. This casting call is for a chance to work with Audible Studios to narrate the digital download audiobook of Hidden Steel. The digital download will be available from Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Audible’s other partner channels. This open casting does not impact the CD version for sale on Amazon. Good luck!

  4. I have a home studio, and after reading the contract, it appears that unlike other auditions for, the person cast for HIDDEN STEEL will not be considered the producer. After being cast will the narrator be required to go to an audible recording studio or does the narrator use their own equipment from their own home studio and do their own editing before sending the chapter recordings to audible?

    • Hi Susan,

      If you’re cast, and are a reasonable distance from Audible’s Newark, NJ offices, you can come in to our studios to record. If not, we’ll either have you do it from your home studio or send you to one of our partner studios near you. Good luck!

  5. I’m a little confused about the contract that will be assigned to the winner. Where will the complete audiobook be recorded, over what period of time, and is there an additional payment for the recording sessions or is the contest prize money the total compensation for the complete audiobook? Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Sorry about the unfinished posting. However, I still have a question before I audition that was not addressed directly. If I record in my home studio, will I be responsible for editing and mastering the recordings as I would do for any other novel?

    • Hi Susan,

      Please see this paragraph, from the the profile for Hidden Steel on

      “Welcome to the Audible Studios Audiobook Narration Casting Call, featuring “Hidden Steel” by Doranna Durgin. The selected audition will receive a contract for the narration of this audiobook for Audible Studios worth approximately $1,240. Editing and post production is not required of the actor cast in this role. This audiobook contract is open to female actors who are legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years old.”

  7. You indicated that we should submit as we would a regular audition. Using ACX, some request it dry and others request a light master such as with EQ, Compression…Gate..Normalize… etc.
    Being that Audible will be doing the full mastering do you want a dry recording? A lightly mastered submission would upgrade the sound. Which do you prefer? I have both.

    • Hi Ken,

      Put your best foot forward and submit what you think is your best sounding audition. Even if you aren’t cast for this title, Audible Studios may still consider you for other projects. Good luck!

  8. Have decisions already been made regarding this title (Game Player)? The contest just closed and I’ve already received three messages saying the I have not been chosen to narrate this book.

  9. Hello….just some clarification. I did submit an audition about 36 hours prior to the deadline. At 12:02 AM EST January 18 I received an email saying I had not been selected….an hour later at 1:03 AM I received an email saying thanks for submitting and “all auditions will be reviewed”. The latter email made sense in that I’m sure it went out to everyone who had submitted….but it was a bit of a surprise to receive the “thanks but no thanks” email 2 minutes after a midnight deadline, and then receive the “thanks for submitting, all auditions will be reviewed and good luck” email afterwards. Not disputing the judging process here, and thought the open call was a great idea and a fabulous opportunity, but….just wondering which email to believe…??? If I’m out of the running, just want to know I can move on…thx!

  10. At ~9pm PT on 1/17 (about when the contest closed), I received three emails that I wasn’t chosen for this project. Hopefully, that was just an unintended artifact from the process and the decision will be made in the timeline outlined in the contract – can you just confirm that? Thanks!

    • Hi Jim, Lesley, and Michael,

      Thanks for auditioning for the open casting! The emails received shortly after midnight on 1/18 were automatically generated by ACX. Please refer to the later email you received for details. The judging will take place next week and we’ll announce the winner right here on the blog. Stay tuned!

  11. Awesome…thanks so much for clarifying!

  12. Indeed! Staying tuned and appreciate the clarification.

  13. Good to hear – thanks for the update. I haven’t actually seen the “later email” yet (did check the spam folder). At any rate, thanks again for the opportunity – will indeed stay tuned!

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