ACX on The Road: Dipped In NINC

In late October, the ACX team had the pleasure of attending the Novelists, Inc. annual conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and hosting a panel of your peers to discuss the audiobook revolution. Novelists, Inc. (or NINC, for the initiated), is an organization dedicated to helping multi-published fiction writers as they write and promote their books. Jasinda Wilder (Falling series), Julie Ortolon (Forever series), Patricia Ryan (Pure and Simple), and Wendy Lindstrom (Grayson Brothers series) joined ACX Marketing Manager Hannah to discuss their journeys through having their series produced in audio and how they are successfully promoting their audiobooks.

Today, we’ve collected the top advice they shared to inspire you, no matter what stage of audiobook production you’re in!


L to R: ACX Authors Jasinda Wilder and Julie Ortolon, and ACX Marketing Manager Hannah Wall at NINC

On Selecting a Narrator

Julie Ortolon had a very specific vision in mind for her narrator, but she had an unexpected change of plans once she started producing her audiobooks. “Your favorite narrator may not fit your book,” she said. “I waited until the narrator was available to do my book and I didn’t like the audition. Picking the right scene for your audition script is crucial.”  Casting off those expectations, she found a voice that matched the one she envisioned.

Once her narrator had been cast, Julie wanted to be proactive about setting expectations for the different characters in her three book series: “I learned to piece together different scenes for the 15 min checkpoint, so that you can get the most out of that checkpoint with your narrator.” That collaboration at the checkpoint helped drive the tone for all three books.

On Writing with the Audiobook in Mind

Jasinda Wilder is a musician as well as author, so thinking of how her words would sound when spoken aloud came very naturally to her. She has even gone as far as incorporating her original music into her audiobooks after the credits, which helped her capture even more sales; by including exclusive music in her audiobooks, readers of the print and Kindle versions of her books have purchased her audiobook editions.

On Giving Feedback

Wendy Lindstrom opts to give feedback to her narrator directly. “I actually get on the phone with the narrator and have her do several voices for me.” This lets her give instant input on the voices before the recording process begins.

2014conference_logo2On Promoting the Audiobook

Patricia Ryan promotes her contemporary and medieval romances through social networking channels, promoting the audio on her site, and providing readers with links to SoundCloud audio clips. “I also have an interview with my narrator on my site. I put a sexy photo of him with some Q&A’s and it was a big hit with readers.”

Wendy, Pat, Julie, and Jasinda all took the plunge into audiobooks for their series – will you?

What’s the best piece of advice you can offer aspiring writers?

2 responses to “ACX on The Road: Dipped In NINC


    I was glad to see Julie’s comment about actually changing the narrator she had in mind at first. I’ve noticed lately, several books on ACX say they have already chosen a narrator. These people did not hold auditions and have no idea of the talent pool out there, just as Julie discovered.


  2. This was a great panel! I’m just beginning my journey with audio books and I learned so much at Novelists Inc., not only by listening to the authors on this panel, but also through conversations with friends and the helpful people from ACX. Thanks!

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