This Week In Links – July 15 – 19

This week, we’ve collected some interesting and informative links from around the online audiobook world. Share what you learned below, and add your favorite links from this week in the comments!


You Know The Voices, Not The Faces – Via – Compelling interview with John DiMaggio ( aka Bender on Futurama), Tara Strong (Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls), and Lawrence Shapiro, director of the upcoming documentary I Know That Voice.

Stop Doing The Basics – Via Dan Hurst Voiceovers – Why moving beyond the basics may be the key for your VO business.

Why You Can’t Take Rejection Personally as an Actor – Via Rebecca Forstadt – “If you want to be an actor, you have to roll with the punches.”

Announcing The 2nd ACX/That’s Voiceover! Audiobook Narration Contest – Via The ACX Blog – Exciting opportunity exclusively for attendees of That’s Voiceover!

Rights Holders:

Why Watching TV Can Actually Be Good For A Writer – Via Writer’s Digest – Notes from the panel discussion at ThrillerFest 2013.

3 Keys to Writing Success and Overcoming Procrastination – Via Training Writers – Shelly Hitz offers tips for staying productive.

The Decline and Fall of the Book Cover – via The New Yorker – A look at the history and current state of book covers.

Thanks for clicking! We’ll be back next week with more news and notes!

One response to “This Week In Links – July 15 – 19

  1. ACX Rocks! I got in just in time to learn how to narrate my own books before a TV appearance on PBS, “The Real Orange”! I learned from ACX that being the writer helped with pace, character interpretation and everything else. Check out FREE samples of my Drug War and Prison Books in Audio here~ Check out the PBS interview here~

    If you were scared to narrate your own books, don’t be. Just follow what ACX teaches on their website.

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