Happy Birthday to Us! – Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of our birthday celebration blog series! Part 1, chock full of ACX trivia, was posted Friday. Today, you’ll meet some of the brightest, hardest working folks in the audiobook biz – the ACX Team. Enjoy putting faces to the names you’ve interacted with these past two years and think of us the next time you order your favorite slice from your local pizza joint!


Name: Jason Ojalvo
Job Title: Head of ACX
ACX Responsibilities: The Decider  😉
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote:  I love meeting actors around the country who are getting tons of work through ACX. Many were unsure of how to “break in to audiobooks” and are now on their tenth or twentieth audiobook, and getting good reviews on Audible.com.  I also love how cottage industries have cropped up around ACX –  studios focused on audiobooks, home narration courses, audiobook editing services, etc.
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook?:Pulp and Paper” by Josh Rolnick.
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest:  Foreign travel and exotic food.
Favorite pizza topping: The salty combo – pepperoni and anchovies.


Name:  Charles Clerke
Job Title:  Production Coordinator
ACX Responsibilities: Help producers be better producers, oversee the initial part of the internal process once titles are completed – The ACX QA Check, and identify/oversee enhancements that will help make ACX an even better experience for users.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote:  Hmm, there have been so many!  The day ACX went live to the world was very exciting. Working long hours in a small meeting room in the early days and the desire to be able to open a window. Speaking to a select group of potential users before launching the site. Gathering their valuable feedback, as we worked to define the functions of ACX in its adolescence.  Watching the development of our producers, as the initial pain of a mistake is turned into experience and knowledge that ultimately elevates them to a greater understanding of their craft.
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest:  Please don’t bother me when I’m on my mountain bike, I’d rather not smash into (another) tree 🙂
Favorite pizza topping:  More pizza.


Name: Monica Vaccari
Job Title: ACX Customer Care Lead
ACX Responsibilities: I am here to support our talented rights holders and producers through the ACX process and on any other issue they may have.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote? My favorite ACX memory was when an established narrator told me I have a great voice for animated children’s stories. Watch out Minnie Mouse!
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? I was really moved by I Love you Mom: Please Don’t Break My Heart by John Borgstedt
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: I am obsessed with hot sauce or anything spicy! I have over 25 different flavors of hot sauce/condiments and recently made my first batch of pepper jelly. I hope to start a hot sauce/pepper jelly company in the future.
Favorite pizza topping: You’re talking to an Italian over here, so I love my pizza! All toppings are delicious, but I love artichokes and ham on pizza!


Name: Michael Stover
Job Title: Product Manager for ACX
ACX Responsibilities: The end-to-end experience that each of you have with ACX.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote: There are too many to count in these last two years, so I will mention one of my earliest ACX memories. The interview process was honestly very fun. During part of it, I spent a half-day with members of the team writing up how we would create some specific aspect of ACX. It got me to understand the team dynamic and I could see their dedication. Ultimately, it was what made me really want to join ACX. That passion and dedication has never waned, even as the team has grown and expanded.
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? Princess in Exile, the new audiobook by Audible’s very own Chris Wichtendahl, ACX developer and self-published author.
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: I worked at a funeral home for 5 years in high school and college.
Favorite pizza topping: It depends on who is making it, but I guess I must answer more directly. Boring but standard go to: Mushrooms; More gourmet: Sopressata or Speck and kalamata olives.


Name: Nicole Op Den Bosch
Job Title: Senior Associate, Content Acquisition
ACX Responsibilities: I work with authors, agents and publishers to acquire audio rights for titles and guide them though the ACX experience.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote: My favorite memory was working with International Thriller Writers to get their books made into audiobooks.
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? The Look of Love by Bella Andre.
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: RPG and tactical espionage video games.
Favorite pizza topping: Cheese and more cheese.


Name: Scott Jacobi
Job Title: Production Coordinator
ACX Responsibilities: I work with the narrator/producer community on ACX to educate them about the process of producing audiobooks and using ACX. I’m also the man behind our Facebook, Twitter and the very blog you’re reading right now! Reach out on our social channels and say hi sometime!
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote: When ACX was in its infancy, we didn’t have a dedicated customer care team to answer users’ questions like we do now. I really enjoyed working one on one with the site’s first wave of users and feeling the happiness and satisfaction that came from helping them out. Now I get to do that on an even bigger scale though our social media pages.
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons (The Audiobook) by Greg Fitzsimmons
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: I play the drums. I love exploring New York City. I’ve been to over 30 Phish shows. I have a bird named Sparky.
Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and any combination thereof.


Name: Patrick “PMulli” Mulligan
Job Title: ACX Customer Care Lead
ACX Responsibilities: Helping assist authors, narrators, publishers, and studios collaborate to create the wonderful audio books that millions of Audible listeners enjoy every day. Customer Care helps ensure that our ACX users continue to work with us and help the company grow and expand.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote: We get to interact with some truly talented voice professionals. I once had a narrator do his impression of Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson for me on the phone. One of the more memorable moments in my life.
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? Some Are Sicker Than Others by Andrew Seaward
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: Sports, video games, going out with friends (including the amazing people who work with Audible and ACX) and of course listening to a great Audible title.
Favorite pizza topping: Bacon, with bacon.

Orlando Blog Small

Name: Orlando Molina
Job Title: Post Production Associate
ACX Responsibilities: Quality assurance of titles submitted to ACX
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote: Referring to ourselves as the ACX-MEN 🙂
Want to recommend an ACX-produced audiobook? In The Country Of Brooklyn by Peter Golenbock
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: Lets Go Knicks!!!!
Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni makes a bad slice better, but I’m from Brooklyn… give me a good plain slice and I’m happy.


Name: Hannah Wall
Job Title: Marketing Manager
ACX Responsibilities: Helping new authors and rights holders find their perfect match on ACX, and helping producers and narrators find great titles to audition for.
Favorite ACX memory/anecdote? Finding out I was joining the ACX team! I started listening to audiobooks three years ago, when I found myself as a member of too many book clubs. To keep up with each group, I turned to Audible to make books a part of my commute. I was instantly hooked, so I was over the moon when I learned I’d be joining the ACX team to help bring even more audiobooks to market!
Fun non-work-related tidbit or interest: In addition to being an avid bibliophile, I love to make things. Whether I’m baking, sewing, or crafting, I love keeping my hands busy learning a new hobby.
Favorite pizza topping: Right now, I’m obsessed with garlic and ricotta white pizza!

Now you have some back story on both ACX and the team behind it. Thanks for making our first 2 years so special! We look forward to working with all of you great ACX users to make our next years even more amazing than our first two!

Join in the fun and tell us your favorite ACX memories in the comments!

6 responses to “Happy Birthday to Us! – Part 2

  1. It’s wonderful to be able to put faces to names that sometimes pop up in my emails.
    Thank you all again for making ACX a great success!

  2. Happy birthday folks at ACX. I just had a milestone 300 copies sold on ACX. Keep up the good work.

  3. Happy Birthday ACX!
    I have been active with ACX since the beginning. Never been disappointed, and have always had good interactions with ACX.

  4. Happy birthday! Names, faces and pizzas–all good!

  5. I can’t thank ACX enough for helping make my voice over/ acting dreams come true! I did an audition on a whim last April and 13 months later I have 14 finished books, 2 in production (with more in the wings) and nearly 1400 sold audiobooks and it keeps getting better. So Happy Birthday ACX! And thank you Patrick Mulligan for recommending Some Are Sicker Than Others by Andrew Wehrlen…my first non sci-fi effort! You guys are great!

  6. Fun to see the handsome faces of Jason, Charles & Michael who I have talked with….need to write more books so I can do more acx audio!

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