Happy Birthday to Us! – Part 1

Sunday May 12, 2013 will mark ACX’s 2nd birthday! We’ve grown a lot, and we’ve come a long way since that fateful day two years ago. Our success is all due to two groups: the amazing ACX users (that’s you!) and our fantastic team behind the scenes at Audible.

For our second birthday, you’ll get to meet some of the ACX team and take a trip down memory lane with us, as we share some fun facts and stats from our first two years.

Enjoy the trivia today, and check back on Monday to meet the team!

First audiobook produced through ACX: Living Well with Bad Credit.

Individual producer with the most ACX productions on sale: Kevin Pierce (60).

Rights holder with the most ACX Productions on Sale: Crossroad Press

Best Reviewed ACX title: Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup (a perfect 5.0 rating across 26 review).

Names rejected before deciding on ACX: LAFA (Liberty and Audio For All), ACSS (Audiobook Creation & Submission System).

Nickname given to the meeting room where the ACX team worked long hours for many months leading up to the launch of the site: The Regal Beagle, as in the bar from Three’s Company where noted ladies’ man Jack Tripper often found himself on hilariously complicated double dates.

Most common non-work-related argument amongst ACX team members: Rush vs Dave Matthew’s Band.

Song played to motivate the troops as we prepared to launch ACX:

Number of marriages + babies of ACX team members since the site launched: 4

Fake narrator used in test profiles before launching the site: Boba Fett 

Activity planned for the first ACX team outing: Go-kart racing.

Reason ACX go-kart outing was cancelled: Venue closed due to filming of the “hit” reality show “Ice Loves Coco.”

Number of titles produced though ACX in 2 years: Over 6,000!

We’ll see you Monday to meet our team, and Like us or Follow us for more birthday fun!

Do you have fun facts or tidbit to share about your first 2 years with ACX? Tell us in the comments!

10 responses to “Happy Birthday to Us! – Part 1

  1. ACX rocks! Thanks for all the behind the scenes work! As a best selling author, I always wanted to narrate my own books, and you made that possible with all the instructional help. Now I’m meeting TV producers and learning a lot more about how to write and pitch a reality show. What a path you guys opened up! http://amzn.to/11qeWeU

  2. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading all the fun facts. And I’m so glad I found you! http://amzn.to/11YMb3Q

  3. Congratulations to everyone at ACX!

  4. Thanks for the fun, interesting facts guys! It’s amazing what’s happened in those 2 short years. I started working on my first audiobook last spring. Wonderful Author Abigail Reynolds found me after listening to my demos and asked me to narrate 4 of her Pride &Prejudice variations (in the style of Jane Austen). Abigail is very active in the Austenesque writing community and she put the word out about her audiobooks being produced on ACX. It has led to numerous productions in the same style from various authors and in fact just got another 2 emails today.
    ACX has been instrumental in providing many authors with a new outlet for their works. I have close friend, Kathy, who is a chemical engineer here in Houston. She was working with a coworker one day when they somehow got talking about books. He told her his wife was an author who was looking into ways of having her books made into audiobooks. Kathy was amazed with the coincidence and told him her good friend, Pearl actually narrates audiobooks. He was hesitant, saying, yeah but his Texan wife writes British Regency romances of all things and would like a British voice to read them. Kathy told him it could not be more perfect! Her friend is ACTUALLY British. Emails were exchanged, I contacted his wife, Ann Marie Novark, told her about ACX and provided a link to the ACX website. Within a couple of days her titles had been uploaded and I sent her auditions. I have since recorded all 4 of her British Regency titles, they are selling very well and she has since uploaded her Western romances and found a narrator for those too!!! Success all around!
    ACX has been amazing to me and is continuing to be so. I look forward to meeting some of the staff at the end of the month when I attend the workshop day at Audible HQ. Thank you ACX and Happy Birthday 🙂

  5. A hearty and grateful congrats to ACX. I love the fun facts, especially the motivational anthem, “The Final Countdown”! I can just imagine the sardonic humour behind the doors at ACX!
    Thanks for being my number one tool in the launch of my career as a narrator. Keep up the good work!

  6. Happy Birthday folks!

    I just wanted to commend you on what a great job you’ve done of creating this online environment, a very efficient portal for bringing rights-holders and narrator/producers together. I especially give kudos to those unheralded software designers and developers behind the scenes who have created a very straightforward interface that simply WORKS! I also greatly appreciate it that any time I send in an e-mail with an issue or a question, that I get back prompt, friendly, and clear responses. All in all, I would say that on both the technical side and the “human being” side, you folks really have your act together!

    Thanks a bunch!!

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  8. Happy Birthday! Just found that all my audio books are in your top 400! One #8 on the erotica list…. you have super narrators/great production studios & great quality control…. Elaine Raco Chase

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