Book Marketing Really Does Matter!

Authors and Rights Holders, today, we’d like to share a webcast from our friends at CreateSpace: Create a Marketing Plan to Sell More Books.

Brian Jud, editor of the Book Marketing Matters newsletter and host of the TV show The Book Authority, guides us through the intricacies of creating a book marketing plan to help you sell more books. Developing a thorough marketing plan for promoting your title early in the publishing process can help you develop long term sales across all channels.

Watch the video below to learn Brian’s method to make marketing as easy as PIE: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.

Don’t have time to watch? Here are the key takeaways to developing your marketing plan.

1. Set your goals. Ask yourself the five ‘W’s to determine What you want to achieve, Who you want to reach, When you want to sell, Where you will promote, and most importantly, Why you’re promoting your book.

2. Think short term and long term. Build a plan that helps you reach customers today and find new customers tomorrow.

3. Time is an investment that pays dividends. Market your title every day, finding an extra hour in the morning or evenings after work to write articles or blog posts, interact with fans on social media, or plan in-person appearances.

4. Evaluate your efforts. Don’t be afraid to test new marketing channels and activities, but focus your time on activities that drive sales. Every marketing activity should support the goals you set at the beginning of your plan.

Do you have a marketing plan for your title? Tell us about some of your successful marketing activities in the comments.

One response to “Book Marketing Really Does Matter!

  1. The number 2 and 3 key takeaways are good points and go hand-in-hand. Any extra time you have to promote your book is time you should take advantage of. Some marketing efforts may not have instant results, but may set you up for a long-term marketing plan. A publicist at a well-known book marketing agency like Smith Publicity can help you explore marketing channels and create short-term and long-term plans.

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