Pulp & Paper & Promotion

File this one under “easy promotional ideas.” Author Josh Rolnick recently created the audiobook of “Pulp & Paper” via ACX. Once it went live, he sent friends and family a quick email telling them a little about the book and the production, as well as where/how they could buy it. That’s it! Sometimes “marketing” directly to those closest to you is the easiest way to get the ball rolling. Check out Josh’s email below, and make sure to tell us about the interesting ways you’re promoting your work from ACX!

Dear family and friends,

It’s hard to believe my short story collection, “Pulp and Paper,” has been out for more than a year — and even harder to believe the audiobook has just been released! Those of you who like to listen to books when you drive, or jog, or workout, or build fences … please consider downloading the audio recording. The audiobook is available through www.Audible.com, an Amazon company; you sign in using your Amazon.com log-in. If you happen to be looking for any last minute gift ideas, you can quickly and easily email the audiobook to someone by following this link and clicking “give as gift” at right!

“Pulp and Paper” was narrated by Robert Fass, an actor with a true gift for storytelling who worked closely with me on this project. Robert has narrated dozens of audiobooks, from Francisco Goldman’s “Say Her Name” to Ray Bradbury’s “Farewell, Summer” to Joyce Carol Oates’s “The Museum of Dr. Moses.” I can truly say that while it’s the same book that was released last year, it’s a totally different experience. There were moments, listening to Robert’s narration, when stories I’d read and revised dozens upon dozens of times suddenly seemed new again.

I want to again thank all of you who bought the book or came out to readings in the last year or reviewed the collection on online bookseller sites. “Pulp and Paper” has done very well, thanks in no small part to you, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this ride.

Josh Rolnick’s debut short story collection, “Pulp and Paper,” won the 2011 John Simmons Short Fiction Award, selected by Yiyun Li. Rolnick currently serves as publisher of Sh’ma, a journal of Jewish ideas, and as fiction editor of Unstuck, a literary annual. He lives in Brooklyn, NY

One response to “Pulp & Paper & Promotion

  1. ACX Rocks. They helped me go from a best selling author, to a best selling narrator of audio books. They have a helpful staff all the way down the line.http://amzn.to/XoVIRh

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