Friday Finale – Tips for writers part 5: Promoting Your Facebook Page

Today we bring our week long series of articles from our friends over at CreateSpace to a close with some tips on using Facebook to build your brand. Check out the rest of the series here.

In today’s marketing environment, the key to building an author brand is giving readers access to…well, you, the brand. Authors today rely heavily on social media to build their fan bases. That means in addition to promoting your books, you are now in the business of promoting your social media presence.

To keep it simple, I’ll focus on promoting the Facebook page dedicated to your author brand. However, you’ll find most of these strategies can be applied to promote your presence on other social networks as well. Here are five quick tips for promoting your Facebook page:

  1. Link your Facebook page’s URL in your email signature. Email is arguably not as popular for marketing as it used to be, but you can still take advantage of its promotional possibilities. The email signature is the perfect place to link to your Facebook page because it gives people a chance to connect with you outside of the inbox.
  2. Link to your Facebook page on your blog. A separate page on my blog lists all the different ways people can contact me. I’ve received a number of Facebook friend requests and fans by making this information accessible on my blog. If people are already hanging around your website, chances are they’re interested in seeing you on social networks as well.
  3. Include link information in your YouTube videos. You’re doing videos, right? Of course you are, because we’ve talked a lot about how it can build your author brand! Your videos present golden opportunities to promote your Facebook page. Just include a graphic at the end of each video telling viewers where to go.
  4. Personalize your Facebook page’s URL. Facebook gives you the option of creating a customized URL that can tout your brand and make it more attractive to search engines. The customized web address will look something like this: A personalized URL is easier for fans to remember and pass along to their friends.
  5. Include your Facebook page URL in your author bio. If someone is interested enough to read your bio, you want to give them a place where they can learn more. What better place than a Facebook page to give readers direct, personal access to their new favorite author?

Building a brand sometimes feels like an around-the-clock task, but in this case, the hard part is putting the pieces in place. For instance, once you’ve included your Facebook page URL on your email, bio, and blog, you won’t have to do it again. If you want your brand to grow, give your readers the access they expect from authors today and invite them to join your conversations in social channels. Just remember, when fans contact you, engage with them. The more you engage, the more they’ll spread the word about your work.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can find us on Facebook. Leave a link to your Facebook page in the comments and check out our Promote Yourself section on ACX for more social media tips.

This article originally appeared on For more helpful articles and blogs for authors, visit CreateSpace Resources. Reprinted with permission. © 2013 CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved

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  1. This is great! this is a great opportunity to all the writers.

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