Tips For Writers part 1: CreateSpace shares their expertise

We’re big fans of our fellow Amazonians over at CreateSpace. Through their services, you can sell books, CDs, and DVDs for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials. They also have a ton of great resources for the creative community, and we will be featuring their articles all week. Here’s part 1 in our series, titled “Make It Easy For Your Fans To Help You.”

Even if readers love your book, it might never occur to them to tell other people about it. That’s why it’s important to make it easy for your fans to spread the word.

One great way is to create a fan page on your website. (If you don’t have a website, stop reading NOW and go make one.) You can direct readers to this link, especially those who proactively tell you they enjoyed your book.

Following are some of the elements I have on my own fan page. At the top it says: “Did you enjoy Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life, and/or Honey on Your Mind? If so, please help spread the word!”

Then I include the following suggestions with active hyperlinks:

  • To post a review on Amazon, click here
  • To order a signed copy for a friend, click here
  • To like Maria’s author page on Facebook, click here
  • To like the books on Facebook, click here
  • To post links to the first chapters on Facebook/Twitter/etc., click here
  • To subscribe to Maria’s newsletter, sign up on the right; side of this page
  • To follow Maria on Twitter, click here
  • To invite Maria to speak at your event, click here
  • To post a comment on this site, click here

We all know people who overshare the daily minutia of what they’re reading/eating/watching/doing, but not everyone is wired this way. For the more restrained readers out there, a fan page gives them a gentle nudge to help get the word out.

For more great tips, check out our “Promote Yourself” section on ACX. And if you’ve got some great tips for your fellow authors, leave ’em in the comments below.

This article originally appeared on For more helpful articles and blogs for authors, visit CreateSpace Resources. Reprinted with permission. © 2013 CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

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