Nick Sullivan: star of stage, screen, and audiobooks

You may have seen Actor Nick Sullivan on TV in shows such as 30 Rock and Law & Order: SVU, and he is currently appearing nightly on Broadway in Disney’s Newsies. He also has over 100 audiobook credits to his name. Nick took a few moments to tell us why ACX is an important addition to his already busy schedule.

I think what I find most attractive about ACX is the flexibility it offers.  I work in theater, television, film, and voice-overs and tend to have an extremely busy schedule.  Many times I will receive offers on top of each other and have to turn work down only to hit a slow patch a few weeks later.  ACX has proved useful at “filling the gaps” in my work flow.  If I’d like additional work I can log in and find it for myself.  And when I book it I have more control over when I record it since I’m in direct contact with the rights-holder

I also enjoy the ability to “be my own casting director”.  Most narrators know what they’re best at:  which genres they most enjoy, what dialects they excel at, what subjects are of special interest to them.  I love the ability to spot a title that you know you have a special affinity for and plunge right in and audition for it.

Finally, ACX has surprised me a number of times with authors and producers approaching me because they’ve heard me narrate and think I’d be ideal for a project.  And in one case I found myself helping an excellent author who needed a new publisher.  With my contacts that I’d gained through ACX we were able to get him together with a great publishing house. ACX really has been great for all sides of the audiobook community.

Are you an ACX sucess story? Tell us why in the comments and you may be our next guest blogger!

One response to “Nick Sullivan: star of stage, screen, and audiobooks

  1. Am I an ACX success story? No, not yet, but plan on being one as soon as I get all three of my books narrated and out there in the world for all to listen to as well as read. Please look at my website and send me suggestions as to how to proceed quickly to attain my goal of being an ACX success story! As you will note, the correct accent is of priority!
    You can see my site here:
    Thanks, Jill Schaefer


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