Shelby Lewis and ACX – an update

You may remember Shelby Lewis as the winner of the ACX narration contest at That’s Voiceover last fall. Shelby has since been spreading the gospel of ACX to every audiobook-intrigued voiceover talent she can find — including the highly-talented Ray Chase who is now on his 16th title, 7 of which are on Here’s an update from Shelby herself:

Since my last guest blog entry, two exciting events have further confirmed ACX as a viable, profitable option for my voiceover career. Having taken royalty share opportunities, more for the experience and the credits than the potential earnings, I’ve been incredibly pleasantly surprised to have actually received various royalty checks! So I’m happy to testify to new narrators… “The checks actually come, their amounts are nothing to scoff at, and I will absolutely be doing more and more royalty shares in the future. Especially the stipend offers — that’s the best of BOTH worlds! Get paid now AND later!”

And while I love browsing through available titles on ACX and auditioning for those that interest me, I have also been happily surprised by rights holders who have sought me out on ACX. Due to the number of samples on my ACX profile and my vigilance in keeping it polished and up to date, audiobook publishers that use ACX have been contacting me to audition so I don’t always have to seek out titles to audition for. So keep up your profile; it really does make a difference. And excitingly, through my ACX profits, I’ve been able to upgrade my studio equipment to provide an even higher-quality product to present and future clients.

I met a woman at a wedding the other day who was just about to self-publish. The first thing I said to her was, ‘Have you thought about making it into an audiobook? There’s this amazing website…’ — and I couldn’t have been prouder to recommend it. Thank you ACX, for launching my audiobook career and for keeping me coming back so enthusiastically.

2 responses to “Shelby Lewis and ACX – an update

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience on ACX, you’ve given me a healthy dose of encouragement.

  2. You can see my site here:
    Please take a look at my three books and advise how best to make them audio. Need narrator with an English accent! Thanks for your help. Jill Schaefer

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