You asked, we listened! Announcing new enhancements to ACX title profiles

If you’re an ACX producer, we have great news for you. We’re very excited to announce new enhancements to ACX title profiles that should really help you identify audition-worthy titles and choose among them. Each title profile now displays the date the title was originally published, the title’s publisher, its Amazon sales rank and average customer rating, and also when the title was originally posted to ACX. We hope that this increased visibility allows producers to make more informed decisions about which titles to audition for, and we also encourage rights holders to reference their newly enhanced title profile pages when looking to attract talent. And yes, this paves the way for better search filters in the future.

These new improvements are a direct response to a recent survey we sent to the ACX producer community. We heard back loudly and clearly that producers wanted to know more about ACX titles. You wanted it, you got it!

So take a cruise around ACX’s title search page and tell us what you think.  And keep those suggestions coming.  We are always looking to improve the ACX website.

5 responses to “You asked, we listened! Announcing new enhancements to ACX title profiles

  1. One feature I’d like to see is being able to ‘favorite’ some projects to come back and re-evaluate later, so I don’t have to remember how I searched and clicked around to find them.

  2. The new information gives me more to ponder as I search for books that interest me. Thanks again for listening to us out here on this side of the screen.

  3. Well done to everyone at ACX, and thank you for this!
    It really does help!

    Best regards


  4. I like it… Tells me more of what I wanted to know.

  5. As an author, I’d LOVE to have the capability to Favorite/Flag some of my favorite narrators for future books.

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