New Kindle and Audible features are good news for ACX users

This afternoon Amazon announced two innovations that make now, more than ever, the time to get your books into audio (if you haven’t already!) With Whispersync for Voice, Kindle owners can switch seamlessly between reading a Kindle book and listening to the corresponding audiobook from Audible across devices without losing their place. Immersion Reading, available on the just unveiled Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, allows customers to listen to an audiobook as the text of the corresponding ebook is highlighted on the screen. If you’ve used ACX to produce a digital audiobook version of your book (and your book is on Kindle) what this news means is that readers may now be able to experience your book using Whispersync for Voice, and also that your book may be eligible to become Immersion Reading-enabled. If your book is not yet available in audio, act now to expand your reach and to reach more readers in these exciting new ways.

To learn more about Immersion Reading, go here. To learn more about Whispersync for Voice, see here. Check out the press release here.

4 responses to “New Kindle and Audible features are good news for ACX users

  1. I’ve noticed that my audiobooks are available in the whispersync catalog, and on Amazon, “Professional Narration” only costs an additional $1.99 as opposed to the standard $6.95 for an audiobook. I assume that per ACX’s contract, I will still receive a royalty of 50% of $6.95 for all “Professional Narrations” that are sold. After all, there is no difference from “Professional Narration” than the audiobook itself, right?

    • Hi Alex,
      I’m wondering the same thing. Have you had a response to this question?
      Makes me reconsider working on a royalty basis if the sale price varies so widely (as it does with Whispersync)

  2. I look forward to seeing what this will do for sales in general of our audiobooks. On a more interesting note I think of the fantastic use this can be for people, like myself, that are visual learners. If there is material to read and you can read and listen at the same time that will increase the information planted in the mind. What a great way for someone learning a new language wanting to get into a book. This will give this to them with increased learning of both material and language. I guess I’m saying “I like it.”


  3. I am thrilled that now all types of learners can experience our books on audiobooks. I had told these stories for years, but had hoped that I could find a good way to get them to the audio crowd. Now they can listen on the way to work, or as a bedtime settle down. Some of my dog and animal stories fit well for teaching kids with special challenges, I imagine it may help them learn to read and to aim higher.
    Always wishing what every good dog already sees in you, the very Best!
    Victor Brodt
    use my name .com or at without spaces to contact me if you wish for encouragement..

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