Greg Fitzsimmons on using ACX to distribute your audiobook

Do you already have a finished audiobook, and simply need an easy and effective way to sell it? ACX can help you get your unabridged audiobook into top retail channels. Bestselling author and radio and TV personality Greg Fitzsimmons came to ACX to do just this–and has since enjoyed a significant revenue stream from sales of his audiobook. We asked him to share his thoughts on the process, and he was kind enough to do so, below. Thanks, Greg!

When I finally finished writing my book, I vowed I would never write another book again.  That one was it.  I’m glad I did it and I’m very proud of how it turned out, but writing it almost put me in a mental institution.  Sitting alone in a room for months and months made me feel like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

When I decided to turn Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons into an audiobook, I feared it would also be a nightmare.  It actually turned out to be one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.  Fortunately a friend has a recording studio and in about 3 days I had read my entire book into a computer.  I became so sick of hearing my own voice that I wanted to learn sign language.  I realized why people find me annoying.

I also expected that getting the recording of the book sold would make my remaining 37 hairs fall out.  I initially put the book up for sale on my website.  I have a radio show and a podcast and promoted the book heavily.  After 3 weeks I had sold about 9 books.  I started looking around for a better way.  I had already written the book, recorded the book, edited the book and now I needed a way to get people to find it and buy it.  Since I had been a member of for 3 years, I gave them a call and learned how I could distribute my audiobook through ACX. I found the ACX team to be very personable and excited about my project.

They guided me through putting together my artwork, the specs for my recording and all the other details.  The fact that ACX sales channels included not only Audible but Amazon and iTunes also saved me a lot of extra steps.  Once Audible listed my book they really looked after it.  They featured the title and I got a lot of sales right out of the gate.  I felt like Audible positioned the book in a way that would maximize its exposure and get people talking about it, and it rose up in the sales charts, which obviously always begets more sales.

I started getting checks for the royalties and they were substantial.  It motivated me to continue placing the link on my website and driving people to so I could keep the sales going strong.

The ACX program felt like a partnership right from the beginning and it very much felt like my success got them excited and like we were doing something new together.  I highly recommend selling your audiobook this way.  That is assuming of course that you were dumb enough to write a book in the first place.

One response to “Greg Fitzsimmons on using ACX to distribute your audiobook

  1. HA! That’s a h00t! I’ve done narration, acting and radio spots for years. Just completed a book manuscript, and from what I see about self-publishing with all the snares of funking around yet another set of esoteric hoops to jump through, I can easily sit down and narrate my own book. I’ve got all the gear.

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