Has ACX empowered you?

Greetings ACX fans! We’ve been busier than ever getting more audiobooks made, but we’re never too busy to share some great ACX success stories. We’ve been amazed by the feedback we continue to receive from both sides of the creative coin–authors who are thrilled to have their work available in audio at long last, and narrators and producers whose careers have been enriched by the opportunities they’ve found through the marketplace, if not entirely jumpstarted by ACX. Allow us to recap below.

Authors continue to reach out to us about their books’ new life in audio via ACX. Most gratifyingly, we’ve heard from several authors who see ACX as a way they can actively participate in the production and promotion of their work in a manner they couldn’t do with their professionally published print versions. Among those who have shared their experiences using ACX include Marta Acosta, who’s written about how ACX is helping her fulfill her dream of having her novels everywhere. Marta is a great example of an author who is successfully influencing how her audiobooks are made and how they are marketed in a way that she couldn’t with the print versions. Other authors have been just as generous with praise for ACX–and insightful advice for other authors using the service. Richard Shapiro encourages fellow authors to comparison shop when casting producers, and likens ACX to finding love on match.com! And in case you missed it, Bob Mayer offers up 10 ways to learn from the mistakes he made starting out on ACX.

Many of the audiobook professionals on ACX have been just as vocal about their experiences. Last fall, Johnny Heller provided a detailed rundown of our service, and this spring Arielle DeLisle shared an updated viewpoint (she also called out another exciting new program every ACX author should take advantage of, Audible Author Services). On our own blog, Shelby Lewis wrote about how ACX launched her audiobook career. Actress Toni Orans shared an account of helping bring Roy Hoffman’s novel Chicken Dreaming Corn alive via ACX. David H. Lawrence has even taken his knowledge offline, teaching a “Mastering ACX” class in Burbank, CA.

We continue to find that engaged ACX users help spread the word about ACX and teach others about it, which is wonderful. Thank you all for keeping our vision alive!

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