ACX turns 1!

This past month we celebrated ACX’s first birthday. It’s been a great first year, but we’ve only just begun. We now have thousands of audiobooks in the Audible store or in production via ACX, but there are still many thousands of books waiting to become audiobooks, and millions of listeners eager for more great books to listen to. In the meantime, we’re happy and proud to share some recent metrics and accomplishments below.

–          An average of 50 audiobooks are going into production every week on ACX.

–          Many hundreds of titles are currently in production, a number that continues to swell every month.

–          There are currently over 1,500 very active audiobook producers signed up on ACX. You can currently search through ~5500 of their audio samples. Many of these producers have a completed ACX audiobook on sale.

–          The majority of ACX titles now in the Audible store were produced under our royalty share model (Producers and Rights Holders split royalties). But close to 40% of the live titles were done via the pay-for-production model.

–          Jonathan Carroll’s Land of Laughs, produced on ACX under the Neil Gaiman Presents label, was named an Audie finalist in February.

Below are some site enhancements that we’ve made so far in 2012:

–          Don’t need to find a producer, since you already have the audiobook made and it’s retail-ready? ACX can help. If you have rights to the audio, you can now upload the audio to ACX and get it into Audible channels.

–          Were you having a hard time uploading your audio to ACX? Was it taking too long? We’ve redesigned the audio upload process, so the experience is more than 15 times faster.  And no longer do you need to upload each file one at a time.

–          Did you want to turn your title into an audiobook but found that you did not qualify? ACX has now opened its service to all authors–any author can turn his or her book into an audiobook using ACX.  Until recently, the service was limited to only a few hundred top publishers.

–          Do you have a large number of titles on sale via ACX? Now you can see all of your aggregated sales and get more information on how they were purchased at

–          Want a better experience navigating through the hundreds of titles that you are working on? We are making it easier for you to sort through and filter your titles on ACX.

–          Are you an author of an audiobook on sale on Join our Author Services program and get a dollar honorarium every time your audiobook is purchased.

More authors are seeing profit from our special $25 bounty, awarded each time your audiobook is one of the first three purchases by an AudibleListener member. Our first bounty payments are going out this month, and some titles are already earning more than 25% of their total revenue from audio from these bounties (the remaining 75% of their revenue is from royalties)!  This statistic really underscores the value of promoting your audiobook… since you stand to make even more from that effort per-sale than from our already-generous ACX audiobook royalties.

We are hard at work on new innovations that will galvanize production of more audiobooks, including a new production model that offers generous advances if you qualify.

Stay tuned, and thanks for being part of ACX!

4 responses to “ACX turns 1!

  1. I’ve contracted to produce 12 audiobooks through ACX. 9 have been completed and/or approved and 3 are in production at this writing.

    Happy Birthday ACX! You have kept me very busy!!

    Steven Roy Grimsley

  2. My latest is up on audible right now thanks to ACX. I will be doing many many more. The Author wants me to do the whole series she has planned. Thank you ACX for keeping me very busy for a long long time!!! !!

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  4. Michael A. Adashefski

    Since I joined ACX last year I’ve been hired by some incredible writers to narrate their work. I’m trying to keep up my workload by working for 2 authors at a time, one a writer of short stories that require additional sound effects and a rotating selection of 2nd authors. This is an incredible experience and I hope it continues to get better & better.

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