Introducing Audible Author Services

April was a busy month at Audible–good news for all authors who have used or are planning to use ACX to get their books into audio. In case you hadn’t yet heard, Audible just launched a new program for authors called Audible Author Services. Authors with audiobooks for sale at (and that includes any author who made an audiobook through the Audiobook Creation Exchange) who enroll in Audible Author Services will receive tips on promotion as well as audiobook samples and links to use in their social media, to encourage active participation in the success of their audio. Authors enrolled in the program will also receive $1 per unit sold.

Audible created Author Services because authors have a special authority among readers and listeners. Authors who personally create awareness of their work can dramatically increase their audience; Author Services rewards authors for the kind of personal interaction that only authors can do to expand their audience. Moreover, as everyone who’s been following ACX knows, digital audio is growing rapidly and has become an important part of mainstream culture. Audio is a category that contributes significantly to authors’ overall success.

We encourage all ACX authors to visit to begin taking immediate advantage of this new revenue stream. Of course, if your book is not in audio, we are here to help!

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