Author Marta Acosta shares her experience using ACX

ACX is nearing its one-year anniversary, but in so many ways we feel like we’ve only just begun–and so we never tire of hearing from authors who are thrilled ACX has made it possible for them to reach the rapidly growing audience of audiobook listeners. That’s why we’re here–to expand the audiobook selection for Audible listeners and to help authors expand their audience. Acclaimed writer of paranormal romance Marta Acosta has just begun to blog about her experience using ACX to get her novels into audio, and we’re delighted to point our readers to her first post, and not only because she applauds our service! Acosta also offers some useful insights and advice for any author who wants to get her work in front of the widest possible audience. Thanks, Marta!

From the post:

“Most authors sign away their audio rights in a publishing contract, and nothing ever happens, because publishers are still working on the old model with cavemen slowly carving out physical recordings. All those possible audio books never ever get made and the author can’t do a damn thing about it because she no longer owns the rights.

It’s maddening. It’s infuriating. It’s needless.

The Husband admires my tenacity. Actually, what he says is “You’re like a dog with a bone” and “You’re a walking nightmare” and “You’re like rust — you never stop.”  Same thing! Anyway, I kept gnawing at the gate, wanting my audio rights returned for my books, badgering my first agent, badgering my editors, etc. And I got a new agent — and she got my audio rights returned from my publisher!”

Read Marta Acosta’s entire post here:

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