Finding your perfect match on ACX

Here at the Audiobook Creation Exchange, we’re often explaining how the service works by likening it to a matchmaker, albeit one that connects rights holders to narrators and producers. Little did we know one author would be using ACX and almost concurrently, thus gaining particular insight into the similarities between the two services. Below, Richard Shapiro, the author of The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business, produced on ACX and now available at, shares his ACX story, including the opportunity to work with Scott Brick! The story ends happily ever after…

In May of 2011, I found my perfect mate on On our first date, I told Susi about my book. I explained how I had developed a classification process for all service and sales associates: Welcomers, Robots, the Indifferent and Hostiles, and how this concept could help any business secure repeat customers.  At the end of our 45-minute rendezvous, I not only told Susi that I wanted to see her again, but also said, “You are a Welcomer!” The first question she asked was, “Will I really hear from you again?” to which I responded with an emphatic “yes.”  The second thing Susi said was, “I’m not sure what a ‘Welcomer’ is, but it sounds like a good thing.”

Over the next few months, Susi and I got to know each other very well and spent a great deal of time together. One of my friends and neighbors, Jen, works for and I wanted Susi to meet her. Susi enjoys listening to audiobooks and mentioned that she was in love with Scott Brick.  She listens to all of his books, especially the Nelson DeMille mystery novels. When Jen heard this, she blurted, “Maybe he can narrate your book!” Susi almost fell out of her chair. My first thought was, “Who is this Scott Brick?”

Jen also told me about ACX and how I could get my book narrated. I registered for the site the next day. It was really easy. I selected the portion of the book I wanted read, the type of narration style and my proposed royalty arrangement. The first thought that came to my mind is “Hey, this is just like”

The process was amazing. When I received my first email that an audition was waiting, I was so excited. To hear the narrator read the words I had written was energizing. Although the first submission was fantastic, I was eager to hear more, since I know from any experience, it’s always best to be a comparison shopper.

During this process, I got a call from Jen, who told me that Scott was participating in ACX and might be available to narrate my book. When I told Susi that Scott Brick might be reading my words, she said, “Oh my God, I now know what it feels like to be in heaven!”

After Scott submitted his audition via ACX, I immediately accepted it. He was a pleasure to work with.  After he read the manuscript he had two questions. The first was, “When it says ‘readers’ in the book, do you want me to say ‘readers’ or ‘listeners?” I told him “listeners.”  Additionally, my book has many sidebars and he recommended that those be read by a woman friend of his to help differentiate between the narrative of the stories and the text within the shaded boxes.

When the book was completed, it was perfect. Scott and his friend turned my manuscript into an amazing play. When I listened to the entire version, I was so happy. I never realized how emotional I would feel hearing my own words read out loud by such a renowned narrator.

As a new author, I certainly feel lucky to have worked with Scott. While corresponding with him to make final payment arrangements, I told him how much I appreciated that he agreed to read my book and that I hoped he thought it was good. He quickly responded that he thoroughly enjoyed my book, thought it was not just good, but great, and had already implemented some of the recommendations I provided into his own business. I said “Wow!”  I have a winning book in my hands!

Without, I never would have met Susi, or heard of Scott Brick. Without, Susi would never have heard my words read by her favorite narrator. is a terrific way to meet narrators. It’s easy and fun! Try to find your perfect match!




5 responses to “Finding your perfect match on ACX

  1. Love the blog, Richard! Thanks for the kind words. And the analogy is a perfect one; we should consider doing one of those First Date commercials they do!

    Uh, awkward, sorry.

    Seriously, it was a pleasure, and best of luck with the book. Here’s hoping it succeeds in transforming customer service everywhere.


    Scott Brick

  2. Scott, once again, thanks so much for partnering with me on my first book. I would definitely rate you a 10 plus, on a scale of from1 to 10, on not only on the narration, but the superior customer service that you delivered during the process. Rich

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  4. I’m just revisiting this blog post, six years later to the day, to say:
    *** what a wonderful story ***

    • My gosh, six years? Where do they go? And yes, Jason, it was a wonderful experience. I truly do run my business differently than I did previous to working on Richard’s book, even these many years later. Thanks for helping make that possible, my friend.

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