March Stipend Madness

We are continuing to go full steam ahead at ACX, adding and producing titles at a rapid clip. And we want to keep the momentum going! Just to remind everyone, our extended special stipend offer is good through the end of March. For producers, this means that if you accept a Royalty Share offer on any stipend-eligible ACX title by March 31st, it comes with an extra $100 per-finished-hour stipend (e.g. $1,000 for a 10-hour audiobook, up to a maximum $2,500) if you complete full production of the title (and the Rights Holder approves the title) within 60 days of accepting the ACX Production Standard Deal Terms for the title. The stipend is, of course, in addition to the Royalties and Bounties you’ll earn on sales of the audiobook. See here for all the details.

To reiterate, here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Choose any of these eligible titles, which were handpicked by Audible’s editors for their promising sales potential. (You must be logged in as a studio or narrator to see the list.)
  2. Submit your best audition
  3. If you get a Royalty Share offer on one (or more) of these titles, accept the offer. (You can get this $100 per-finished-hour Stipend Offer on up to five productions.)
  4. Completion and approval of the audiobook within the next 60 days.
  5. Submit an invoice to ACX for $100 X the number of finished hours (Please contact for our invoice template and complete instructions.)
  6. We pay you that fee, up to a maximum $2500
  7. You also earn half of the 50 – 90% escalator royalty on each sale of the audiobook (i.e. 25% – 45% as outlined here)
  8. You also earn half of any $25 bounty generated by downloads of the audiobook, as outlined here

We hope many of you take advantage of this extended offer, and we wish you luck. More than anything, we encourage you to please keep auditioning and helping us get more audiobooks into the world!

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