Great candidates for auditions on ACX

If you’re a narrator or producer and you follow us on Twitter (and you should! @acx_com) you may have noticed we’re ramping up efforts to highlight certain titles currently looking for auditions. We know that as we grow and continue to add titles, it can be a lot to ask to sift through it all all; plus, we’ve got some great stuff that we want to make sure doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. (Of course, we’re also very proud and happy that we have these high-quality titles on offer. We’re working hard to get more and more of them posted on the site, produced, and turned into great audiobooks!) Below, we’ve collected some gems we’ve unearthed recently and want to bring to your attention.

Like thrillers? Here’s a great one from Ryne Douglas Pearson, who’s been compared to Scott Turow, Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke.  Confessions is seeking male narrators:

Who doesn’t love writers’ houses? This fascinating tour of author museums, A Skeptic’s Guide to Writers’ Houses, by Anne Trubek, seeks female narrators:

One Hundred Candles,  the second book in Mara Purnhagen‘s acclaimed YA “Past Midnight” series, is seeking a female narrator:

Mark Sarvas‘s literary blog, The Elegant Variation, is loved by many. His lauded debut novel, Harry, Revised, seeks male narrators:

Chris Lehmann‘s hilarious, trenchant Rich People Things was called “social criticism at its scorching-hot best” by Barbara Ehrenreich. It seeks male narrators:

Scott Spencer is the author of ten books, two of which have been nominated for a National Book Award. But only one of his novels centers on an international sex tour, and we’ve got it! Willing seeks male narrators:

Jane Feather is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance. This one, A Wicked Gentleman, seeks a male or female narrator:

We’re thrilled to feature several titles by bestselling horror novelist Douglas Clegg. This one, The Queen of Wolves, seeks a male narrator:

Wade Davis‘s Into the Silence, about British climbers’ attempts to climb Mt. Everest in the 1920s, is just out from Knopf to stunning reviews. We have an earlier, epic work from Davis, Shadows in the Sun. It seeks a male or female narrator:

Watch our Twitter feed for more great finds. and please let us know if you think there’s a more effective way we can bring great titles to your attention!

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